50 Thanks

I know Thanksgiving was yesterday but I’m going to make my Thankful List today.  (I hope you, lovely readers, had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or, if you’re not in the U.S., a good day.) Without further adieu, 50 of the many things for which I’m thankful:

  1. Good friends, old, new, and those whom I’ve yet to meet. 
  2. My family, who, though they drive me INSANE sometimes, do seem to love me, even though I know a lot of times they don’t understand me, and, therefore, I also drive them crazy.
  3. Books, especially my favorite “comfort books.”
  4. That people take the time to write books and have the necessary talent and tenacity to get them published.
  5. Music, the balm of my spirit.
  6. The musicians who write said music and/or the performers who bring it to life.
  7. Movies, especially the startlingly beautiful, startlingly emotional, uplifting, or completely madcap variety.
  8. The internet, as I’ve met some very lovely people–and close friends–because of it.
  9. My “honorary nephew”–child of one of my best friends–William, and his giggles.  I swear, that kid laughs and I can’t help but laugh, too.
  10. My other honorary nephew, Brady–my boss’s grandson, who lives above the office–and his precociousness.  My favorite thing he’s said so far that would go in “Kids Say The Darndest Things”: His Mom: “Well why don’t you mop the floor then?”  Brady:  “You’re the Mommy!  Asides, you tol’ me I’m not ‘llowed to play in the mop water!”  Hee hee.  He didn’t want his Mom to mop the floor because he wouldn’ be able to run through the house while it was drying.  And he was forbidden from playing in the mop water because he’d once tried to put his bath toys in there and play.  
  11. I finally got my driver’s license in August.  Yay for being independently mobile!
  12. My car, which has, so far, been a really good car.
  13. My savings, which, despite the economy, are growing.
  14. I have a roof over my head.
  15. I have clothes and the money with which to buy them.
  16. I have food, and the money with which to buy it.
  17. I have a job, which is thrown into stark relief against the many people who have been laid off this year.
  18. My week’s vacation is coming up. 
  19. My week’s vacation is not very planned at all, so there’s plenty of room for spontaneity.  
  20. Freedom of speech.
  21. Freedom of religion.
  22. The freedom to seek and follow my source(s) of happiness.
  23. Change, on global, national, and personal levels is in the air.  I like to think it is change for the better.
  24. The telling of Truth, both Truth that is easy to accept and that which is not.  What is easy to accept is wonderful.  That which is not forces us to think and to grow, and possibly produce profound positive change.
  25. The cycle of the seasons, and the unique natural rhythms each brings with it.
  26. The peace that being aware of the cycle of seasons brings with it.
  27. The joy and stillness I feel while out in nature.
  28. Art, both making it myself and admiring that which others have made.
  29. Writing, which, I am sure–no joke–has saved me in so many ways.
  30. Walks in the sunshine, which I am at liberty to take any sunny day I please.
  31. Flannel sheets, which are just oh-so-comfy in the late fall and through the winter.
  32. I’m alive!
  33. My Dad survived his heart attack in August, and for the modern medical technology, doctors, and EMTs that made that possible.
  34. The purrrfectly wonderful, loving family cat, Junior.
  35. Yoga, which has done wonders for my particular health issues–migraines chief among them. I do need to get into a more regular practice, however.
  36. The gift of intuition. 
  37. I have weekends off work.
  38. Project Playlist, the best thing ever for music at work!
  39. That I’m allowed to play music at work.
  40. That Christmas only comes once a year.  (Hate wracking my brains about presents!)
  41. Thich Nhat Hanh: his work in creating interfaith dialogue, the peacefulness that radiates off the pages of his books, and, I’m sure, himself in general, and his work toward the peace movement.
  42. Don Miguel Ruiz, who woke me, and many more, up with The Four Agreements, which I should probably re-read soon.
  43. A background in the conservative elements of Christianity and my progression out of that, once I realized it wasn’t the spiritual home for me.  It kind of gives me an insider’s look at both sides of many of the cultural battles we’re having in the U.S.
  44. Panda Garden, the local Chinese restaurant in my town, whose food absolutely rocks!
  45. Afternoon naps on the days I don’t have to work.
  46. That some of my late Grana’s teaching of home/herbal remedies stuck with me.
  47. That stores here are–finally–getting more eco-friendly items into the shelves, like the organic, vegan-approved, triple-milled luxury soaps I snagged today for a couple of people’s Christmas gifts.
  48. The beauty of sunsets.
  49. The beauty of sunrises.
  50. The greatness of Possibility.
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One thought on “50 Thanks

  1. Oh my gosh, this is an absolutely FABULOUS list!!! Hooray for you for stopping to give thanks – and taking the time to put it together in this forum to share with us.

    I could say “ditto” to so, so many of the things you mentioned. How wonderfully blessed our lives are!

    (Glad to know you’re Dad’s doing well :-))

    Re: #19 – perhaps a road trip to Dayton, OH might be called for during your unplanned week of vacation???

    Blessings on your weekend. I’m glad you’re a member of my Dream Team!

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