A Serious Case of the Bah-Humbugs

I seem to have contracted a serious case of the Scrooge-esque Bah-Humbugs. 

You see, I’d planned to start sending out Christmas cards on Monday, but I didn’t.  I read someplace it’s very bad–read: cheap, lazy, thoughtless–to send the same cards I sent last year.   Unfortunately, I just can’t get myself into the spirit to shop for Christmas cards, and, furthermore, haven’t really seen any that have caught my eye this year.  Not to mention that for some reason I keep thinking about all the trees that had to die to make said Christmas cards.  Ugh. 

So, this evening, after work, I’m going to hunt for Christmas cards made out of recycled paper.  This should be interesting where I live, as it isn’t at all the most eco-conscious place in the universe.  They still look at you like you’re nuts in most stores if you bring your own bag!

Really, though, I love my friends, and I want to send them Christmas cards.  It’s just that I don’t want to shop for Christmas cards.   Unfortunately, that ship has sailed as it’s too late for me to make my own.

I’ve only got two people’s Christmas gifts ready to wrap.   I know what I’m getting 2, possibly 3, more of the people on my gift-giving list.  However, there are a couple of variables, people that I don’t know whether they’re planning on getting me anything–or have already done so–or not, and I’m afraid to ask.  And, of course, those whose gifts I’ve yet to find.   Also, I almost always overthink the gift thing, wandering aimlessly until I find the “perfect” thing or come up with the idea to make the “perfect” thing.  Then again, even with the overthinking, gifting in the past has come more easily.

I think it’s just finally hit me just how sickeningly commercial Christmas has become.   We all run around stressing about the dinners and the holiday parties and the presents and the decorations and what-on-earth-am-I-going-to-wear-to-this-function-or-that-function and so on.  I mean, good grief, workers at stores were injured and trampled, one, at least, dead, on Black Friday!   And for what?  Stuff.  Presents.  Things that will, eventually, break or stop working or be used up.  In most cases, things that the recipients don’t even need, just want, and maybe not even want.  Any shopping during this season is fraught with societal frustration as people consider what they can pay, and what they need to be able to pay to “make this the Best Christmas Ever”, and, on my end, lack of internal motivation and apathy.

Why can’t we just make and eat yummy food, dance around bonfires, tell all our loved ones that they are indeed loved, decorate the house in seasonal greenery, kiss under the mistletoe, think about what the winter holidays actually stand for (the Light, however you want to construe that, be it in the traditions of Rohatsu, Hanukkah, Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa, etc.), be nice to each other, and forget about the rest?

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