A Week of “Ahhhh”…

I am officially off work for a week’s vacation.  Since I also don’t have to work on weekends, that means 9 days of potentially uninterrupted bliss.

My plans are not nailed down. 

I’m going to visit my old university town.  Whether or not I stay overnight, I haven’t decided.  I may.  I may not.  It depends on how I feel and what the weather’s like.  I just know I need to go for at least one day, to stand on soil that feels like mine, that isn’t full of reminders of my family’s and well-meaning friends’ expectations for my future.  I have big decisions before me in the coming months, and that was the one place that, for good or ill, all the decisions were mine.  After so long back home living with my parents, I need to reconnect to that power.

There will be art. 

There will be writing.

There will be yoga. 

There will be meditation. 

There will be loads of reading. 

There will be movie-watching.

There will be at least one whole day spent in pajamas.

There will be some Christmas shopping, or, more likely, shopping for things with which to make Christmas presents. 

There will be addressing of Christmas/Yule/[insert December holiday here] cards. 

I didn’t realize it when I set this coming week aside over a month ago, but two days of spiritual note fall into it:  Bodhi Day (a.k.a. Rohatsu) on the 8th and Long Nights Moon on the 12th.   These, I will observe in some form or fashion, since I am spiritually exploring and believe that all belief systems have value.  Just like I’m planning upon observing Yule on the 21st and Christmas on the 24th and 25th.  (I would do the same for Hanukkah as well, but I don’t feel sufficiently informed.)   What I love about these December holidays, is that they’re all, in the end, about Light.  The arrival of Enlightennment, the perseverence of Light, the rebirth of the god and lengthening of the hours of daylight, and the birth of the so-called Light of the World, and, in Hanukkah’s case, a miracle of Light. 

So yes, basically, I’m going to go as my Spirit leads me this coming week.  This is my week to do whatever I feel, versus cowing to obligations or Logic or others’ directives.  That is the essence of “Ahhh” to me.

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