Sacred Life Sunday: Collage

One of my many loves is art.  I have a particular fondness for art for art’s sake, and find that, when I’m working on a piece without wondering if it’s any good, if I’m doing it just for enjoyment, all the other busy thoughts that occupy my mind normally stop in their tracks, and I am wholly absorbed in the act of creation. 

One of my favorite kinds of art is collage, and especially if it incorporates mixed media, as in not just gluing things to paper. 

So today, I sat down and went through a couple magazines, completely focused upon cutting out whatever pictures and words called to me…

The result of today's collage clipping expedition.

  I intend to work on a new one later this evening, and so I got out my bound sketchbook–that’s the white pad of paper in the picture–and tucked into the back I found a mixed media collage I’d made before with magazine clippings and tempera paint:

Let Go.  Let it all go...

Let Go. Let it all go...

To be quite honest, I’d forgotten all about this very simple collage.   I am almost sure I made it some time back in the summer.  The photo to the right says, “Let it all go…”, and so it was born. 
How appropriate that I find it again now, the day before Bodhi Day (a.k.a. Rohatsu), when, according to tradition, the Buddha is said to have attained Enlightenment, and began teaching.  One of the most well-known Buddhist concepts is non-attachment, and non-attachment allows us to let go.
There are quite a few things I need to let go of, most being products of fear.  But, like making a mixed-media collage, letting go is a process, and I’m working on it.
So, rhetorically speaking, what do you need to let go of?
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One thought on “Sacred Life Sunday: Collage

  1. Perfect post for me to read at this very moment! Thank you!

    Love the “let go” collage with the spirals of life. My, how they call to me these days – those little symbols that life is, indeed, about a flowing spiral – up, down, around – not some linear race from beginning to end.

    *so* glad to have found your blog 🙂

    p.s. Will you send me your email address?
    (to nerdyrenegade(at)gmail(dot)com.) Thanks!

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