Work has been quite stressful since I’ve returned from vacation.  Three days feel like twice that, and I can feel my irritation, and, thereby, stress level, heightening.

Mother Nature’s Monthly Gift, as the Tampax commercials have declared it, has arrived, and I have a headache and sporadic cramps.

The pitter-patter of rain outside whispers to me, “Sleep.  Rest.”  So, when I go home this evening, that’s what I’m doing.

I have at least 20 other things I should be doing by outward accounts, but I’m not very much inclined to listen to outward authority when it comes to personal matters anymore.  Or, at least not right now.

This evening, I am going home, changing into comfy clothes, eating dinner, doing some yoga, taking a long bubble bath, and piling up in the bed with books and various paper journals (general, gratitude, and prayer, most likely) until I feel like going to sleep.

My inner authority has spoken.

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