Sacred Life Sunday: Winter Solstice



Tonight is the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice, and, for many Neo-Pagans, Yule.   It was said that on this night the sun was reborn, as every day hereafter sees a gradual increase in daylight hours.

I am celebrating.  I have my meditation altar decorated with burgundy, green and white candles, yellow-green apples, and candy canes.  I have my own private little ritual I’m going to do later, one that won’t call the attention of my family.  I would take a picture of my altar, but I am short on time.  Least to say I’m not planning on hanging around the computer this evening.

Tonight is also the Christmas play at my Mom and sister’s church, in about an hour.  I’ll be going there, and enjoying it as I always do.  The children are always unbearably cute, and I always see more keenly how the Christmas Story ties in with so many other solstice-time stories, and am reminded that we’re all connected, across continents, oceans, and cultures.

I woke up this morning, and, like my friend, Lisa, I had this song in my head:

I am looking forward to the meaning I see behind the solstice.  It’s said to be a time of germination, and I’ve already felt my creativity begin to bubble.  I’m excited to see what comes of that in the coming months.  Also I have lots of big life decisions to make in the next year, like where to move when my current boss retires and closes the office, what to do when I get there, and whether or not I want to go to graduate school.

With that, and the world’s current situation in mind, I’ve adapted a prayer I found at the end of this page, which will be part of my ritual:

Out of Darkness, Light is re-born.  Let us carry the hope of this moment in our hearts through the coming year.  Let it sustain us in our times of darkness, and be a symbol of blessing in our times of joy.  Let peace be with us.”  — Adapted from “The Blessing of the Newborn Sun God”

Have a wonderful winter solstice, everyone!

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