Comfort, Compassion, The Great Mother, and Bright Beginnings

For the past week or so, I haven’t been feeling very word-filled, or insightful in a way I can adequately describe, or that translates well into blog entries.

There are many people that I care a great deal about that are going through emotional rough patches: the death of a parent, the end of a romantic relationship, seasonal affective disorder, etc.

Then, there are those who are physically ailing.

Overwhelmingly, my urge is to comfort.  If I could defy the laws of physics, I would be half a dozen separate presences, each wrapped tightly and protectively around a loved one.

Lately, since my Proverbs 8-related awakening, I’ve been delving deeper into all things related to the Divine Feminine.  In fact, right now, I’m reading a book I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for years, Sue Monk Kidd’s The Dance of the Dissident Daughter:  A Woman’s Journey from Christian Tradition to the Sacred Feminine.

Even unintentionally, in the last shipment of books I ordered myself that came in between the Winter Solstice and Christmas, containing the aforementioned book, I ended up with books speaking often of the Goddess aspect of the Divine as I skimmed through them.

For most of the last week, I’ve had this song running on a loop, but with “you” replacing the the “me”:

I greatly dislike feeling like I can’t do anything, and, unfortunately, most of my dear ones experiencing bumps in the road right now are at a geographical distance which makes physically hugging them and comforting them impossible.

So, singing to myself, and to the Mother aspect of God, has helped.  I’ve lit candles hoping that my intent will be enough to carry the comfort and healing.  I’ve prayed.  I’ve talked, distracted, consoled, and made people laugh.  Sometimes, that’s the best medicine.

Of course, I also acquired a new honorary nephew, so I haven’t just been worrying.  One of my best friends, Misty, and her loving husband, Paul, had their second child, Alex Warren H., on Christmas Day, and, like his older brother, Liam, he is absolutely adorable and has me wrapped around his little finger already.

I’m presently mulling over what I want to accomplish in the coming year, to set some New Year’s intentions (not the more restrictive, often failure-producing, resolutions).  I’ve already come up with a few guide words:  Independence, Love, and Courage.

At any rate, work is picking up speed.  I hope everyone who stumbles across this had a wonderful holiday season, and that the coming year brings you all your hearts desire.

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One thought on “Comfort, Compassion, The Great Mother, and Bright Beginnings

  1. A great post here, dear one. It’s amazing to me how similar our journeys are right now!

    The Divine Feminine….indeed. Such power! Such promise! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

    I will pray and light candles for your loved ones too. Lots of healing is needed – and we can play a part in holding the space for that to happen. What an honor!

    Blessings and Light to you this New Year. I look forward to the wonderful things that will come our way – and the lessons we will be gifted to learn.

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