Intentions and Guide Words for 2009

A new year has dawned.  Welcome, 2009!

I had just gone to bed when the New Year arrived, and the neighbors set off their fireworks.  I lay there, listening to the firecrackers, the pop and accompanying spray of color across the sky, but not bothering to get up and look.  Not because I’m a sad-sack misanthrope, but because I was too peaceful.   I went to bed full of hope, and dreams soon to be realized dancing in my head.

I’m determined.  This year will be my year to begin truly shining, to stop hiding my light under a bushel in acquiescence to others’ wills and wants, and to stop putting road blocks in my own way.

My intentions for this year:

  • Reclaim my creativity, and use it, whatever form it takes. It could be visual arts, short stories, poems, crochet, finally writing a novel after much talk about it, music, or even just creating a home from a bare space.  To help me along, I have joined this online book club and will be blogging about it here starting January 9th.
  • Move out of my parents’ house and my hometown, a goal I’ve been working toward most of my life.
  • Build a life that I can actually live with, be my best self in, and that makes me happy.
  • Connect more deeply and more often with my soul, and find its direction and purpose, hence my plans to read and follow Soul Coaching: 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self by Denise Linn.  I stumbled upon it via a web of tangential web links when a group of women from all over the world decided to come together and work through it together, and it called–and still calls–to me.  It was too late for me to participate in that, but I am going to do it this month, at least at the first, least-time consuming level.  (The beauty of it is, there are three different levels of participation, so I can adjust my time commitment to the busy-ness of any given day.)  In fact, today is my prep day.
  • Continue my spiritual exploration and development.
  • Get even healthier. I especially need to work on getting to sleep on time and staying asleep, on ridding myself of the cycles of insomnia I’ve gone through the past year, as well as becoming much more committed to exercise. Also, I intend to keep up the healthier eating habits I developed this year.
  • Open myself up to new things and new people.
  • Open myself up to Love, in all senses:  fraternos (brother, or familial, Love), agape (unconditional, or God-Love), and eros (erotic, or romantic, Love).
  • Think more positively, in general, and believe in myself.

Also, I’ve noticed various people around the blogosphere choosing one guiding word for the year.  I’ve been trying to choose one as well, but two call equally to me:


Trust that I can successfully make the changes I wish, and feel I need, to make.
Trust that my basic needs for life will be met.
Trust that my intuition is right, and give it final say on everything.

Courage to make the changes that need to be made to get my life where I wish it to be.
Courage to take chances: in my creative life, in love (instead of running from it), in pursuing dreams, etc.
Courage to fly away on my own, from my parents’ nest into my own.

Such are my feelings about and intentions for this gloriously sunny new year!  (Seriously, it has been wonderfully sunny, if a bit cold, here all day.) And you have my permission to literally or figuratively kick me in the ass and remind me of all this if I get off track.

So, if you are reading this, Happy New Year!  I hope the coming year brings you all your heart desires, and that you are blessed beyond measure!

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One thought on “Intentions and Guide Words for 2009

  1. What a wonderful post! Love the items and intentions you’ve chosen for yourself. I am very much looking forward to discovering some of these things along with you – and encouraging you on your journey. The rewards will be immeasurable.

    Happy New Year!

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