Sacred Life Sunday: An Afternoon Escape

Early this afternoon, after my mother returned from church and proceeded to spew negativity all over my sister’s head as she failed out last semester at university, I felt like I was suffocating. I HAD to get out of the house. After lunch, I decided I would leave for a while.

So I didn’t really know where I was going when I left. I grabbed up a bunch of books, my paper journal, I was either going to go to Dressen Park, which is this little playground/walking track/basketball court/tennis court park nearby, or to the lake. But I wasn’t sure. One involved turning right onto US 421 and the other involved turning left onto US 421. I turned right, and ended up at the lake.

As soon as I opened my car door, I felt better.

Of course, after sticking my personal security alarm/flasher in my pocket, my camera in my other pocket, and my I.D., I very nearly locked myself out of my car, with my headlights still on low beams. In fact, as I walked away from my car, I realized I did not have my keys, and that I definitely had locked my car, with the keys still in it. I also realized, my cell phone was in my purse in my trunk, shut up with my spare key. D’oh!

But, about that time, that still, small voice that comes from your gut said, “Why don’t you go try the trunk. It doesn’t latch sometimes.” So I did. Miraculously, it hadn’t latched. Relief flooded me that I didn’t have to go pound on the ranger’s door to use his phone to call one of my parents to let me into my car, or beg the people who arrived as I headed back to check the trunk to let me use their cell phone.

See, there’s one of my 2009 guide words in action: Trust. I trusted that I would be fine and have a good day up there, and I did! (Also the courage it took to navigate the narrow, twisting road up to the lake once you turn off of US 421. )

That said, once that little snafu was solved, I walked across the road and down toward the beach, when this greeted me:

It kind of looks like an angel, the way the light is coming through the clouds.

The view out over the lake from the hill above the beach. All the pictures I took, practically, are washed in blue. Seriously, the light was blue. This doesn’t do it justice. It was beautiful. But, I have to note, we are really in a drought. That first post should have about 2 feet of it underwater.

After I took that picture, I crossed back over the road, and roosted here:

I sat right there on that bench, and read The Dance of the Dissident Daughter and wrote in my paper journal, basking in the sun when it came out from behind the clouds…

Oh, yes. I am pale in sunlight. Alas, I do not sparkle like Edward Cullen in Twilight, as I am not actually a vampire, just a lover of vampire stories. I just phosphoresce a bit, as I am so deathly white. And my hair is doing something weird, and I have no make up on. I didn’t take time to get pretty as I sped away from the house. Although, I think this may be one of my favorite pictures of me.

While I was reading, a little wren sat down beside me. She fluffed her feathers and peeped at me before she hopped onto the floor. She hopped toward the door of the gazebo, giving a final, “peep, peep, peep!” before she flew away, the bluish sunlight infusing her feathers.

How appropriate is the wren thing? I am in Air Week in Soul Coaching by Denise Linn, and this creature of the air appeared to me and spoke to me, literally. She cheeped at me. So, when I got home, I looked up wrens as totems via Google. According to, the Wren’s wisdom includes:

  • Messages from the gods
  • Sibling (brother/sister) relationships
  • Power of voice
  • Fearlessness
  • Seeing future events

I bolded the ones that I know I need right now, and will continue to need in the coming months as I implement sweeping life changes.

Also, I found out that, in Druid lore, the wren is the messenger of the Celtic God of Thunder, Taranis, and was regarded as his sacred animal. The lore said that if you harmed a wren or stole its eggs, you’d be struck by lightning. As I pulled onto the two-lane road out leading out of the lake’s park, a downpour started, and, yes, there was a little thunder. Then it stopped and the sun came back out. The skies literally opened up!

Absolutely amazing afternoon! Exactly what I needed!

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One thought on “Sacred Life Sunday: An Afternoon Escape

  1. Hooray for you!

    Kudos for taking care of yourself ~ recognizing what your spirit needed ~ and allowing nature to nurture you 🙂

    These types of adventures are priceless. They are treasures to be cherished. The peace. The simplicity. The wonder. The tranquility. All ours to be had, if we just make the choice.

    So glad you found what you needed ~ and that you were blessed in such amazing ways.

    Thanks for sharing!

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