The Small Injuries Can Be the Most Frustrating

Monday evening after work, I slammed the tip of my left middle finger in my car door.  Not even my whole finger.  Just the tip past the last joint.

Ironically, it hurt worse than when I double-sprained my ankle, once in the initial fall and once in the landing, falling down a spiral staircase my senior year at university.  Said ankle swelled to the size of a rather large grapefruit and appeared broken, and spent weeks in a heavy brace after x-rays proved no breakage.

Severely bruised, sore, probably sprained, and wearing a finger brace (mainly for cushioning and preventing further smashing), I realize that that finger is very important since I type for a living and it covers the most commonly used letters in the English language: E’s, D’s, and C’s.  (Note:  It does not appear I will lose my nail, thankfully.)

I have learned that, sometimes, the small injuries are the most frustrating.

Also, this does not bode well for my catching up my blogging for the online book group.  Sighs.

Perhaps I’ll be better by the weekend.

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One thought on “The Small Injuries Can Be the Most Frustrating

  1. Wait until you get an injury that doesn’t go away….

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