100 Days Toward Bliss

Last week, a dear friend of mine wrote a post called “100 Days of Healing“, which led to my finding out about a 100 day dare by Bliss Chick to do something, one thing that we don’t usually do now, that will further our bliss and will be a challenge to keep up for 100 days, and do it…every day, no excuses.

Of course, I thought this was a great and inspiring idea.  But, there were a lot of things on the list of things I could do for 100 days that I don’t do now that would further my bliss.  I’ve been mulling it over and over.  What to pick?

Finally, I narrowed it down to two things that I am not doing regularly now that actually do improve my bliss levels that are suitable for a daily challenge, if I would just do them, not let other things get in the way as has happened, and I’ve decided to do them both every day for a hundred days.

At one time, I did have a daily meditation practice.  Sometime in the past year, daily became a few times a week, which became once a week, which became a few times a month, maybe.  And I can definitely feel the difference.  I used to be much less short-tempered, much more centered, and felt more connected to something beyond myself, which I choose to call the Divine, among other names.  I need that centeredness and expansive connection with something bigger than myself, which, since I gave up my daily practice, has been conspicuously absent.  I need that centeredness even more now, since I’m looking at a chaotic few months ahead.  I’m trying to get my affairs in order to move out of my parents’ house and into fully independent adulthood, and, as happens with any major life change, there is bound to be turbulence along the way.  Therefore, I am committing to meditate for 100 consecutive days, starting today, for no less than 15 minutes each day, either mindfulness-based or mantra meditation using a japa mala. (My daily practice before was mantra-with-mala.)

And what of the second?  For quite some time I’ve been going through cycles of insomnia.  I’ll have a few days or weeks of good sleep, and then Insomnia comes back like a boomerang.  During those times, I’ve noticed something.  When the last thing I do before I lie down to go to sleep is write in my paper journal, I go to sleep quicker and sleep better throughout the night.  It makes sense.  I dump the thoughts that would otherwise keep me awake onto the page, sort of tone down the thought storm.  Sleep experts recommend that their patients form a daily, pre-bed ritual, as that will tell their mind that it’s time to “power down” and get ready for sleep.  I don’t know about you, but more sleep always makes me feel more blissful, so…I am also committing to writing in my paper journal immediately before bed–allowing myself at least 15 minutes–for 100 consecutive days starting today.

From today until August 1st, I will be meditating and writing in my paper journal daily.

If there’s something you know you could do daily to further your happiness, but you’ve not stuck with it or you’re hesitant to do it, I encourage you to participate.  What have you got to lose?

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2 thoughts on “100 Days Toward Bliss

  1. Yea! Here’s to our 100 day quest ~ and the awesome blessings we’ll receive (and transmit) on our journey.

    It warmed my heart to see such a kind reference to me in your first sentence. 🙂

    Wishing you much peace, bliss, calmness, and great sleep for the next 99 days!


  2. Welcome! I just noticed your addition to our Vow! Thank you for participating. (For some reason, mister linky does not like to inform me of new posts…sigh…)

    Today would be day 3 for you and I hope you are already noticing the positives that can come from doing these things that we know we need yet avoid. (WHY is that!?!)

    Much peace & bliss to you on this journey!

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