A Different Sort of Morning

This morning I made a change to my morning routine, and it was definitely, without a doubt, a good change.

Inspired by Bliss Chick and her post yesterday titled, “InnerBliss:  5 Rules for the First Hour of Your Day”, I hit the snooze on my alarm clock and stayed in bed those five minutes breathing and stretching and yawning.  (I hit snooze to make sure I wouldn’t go back to sleep.)

Then I did something that has never been a part of my morning routine.  I got up, put on a pair of yoga pants, a sport bra, a long sleeve tee, and my sneakers and went out for a walk as the sun crept closer to coming up over the mountains.

The air was an exhilarating 55 degrees F, or thereabouts, a little foggy, and the sky was lightening beautifully.  The few, wispy clouds were tinged a lovely shade of baby pink.  My next door neighbor was out retrieving his newspaper, and we were the only two human beings I saw up and about outside our houses.  The birds that feed from the birdfeeders Mom has set up in the front yard were singing their little morning songs and splashing about in the birdbath, and, at the other end of the neighborhood, our neighbor’s roosters were crowing.  When I walked by the river bank I could hear the frogs, and everyone’s flowers and dogwoods and flowering shrubs are bursting into bloom.

The neighborhood children were not out riding their ATVs (totally dangerous for children, but their parents don’t seem to care, but that’s another post in itself) and go-carts nearly mowing down pedestrians.  I didn’t encounter one, single car.  It was so quiet and still.  Better than the days I walk in the evenings.

I wondered why I hadn’t done this before.  It’s a much better start to the day than getting up, putting the tea kettle on the stove, and going into the living room where I sit at the end of the couch staring vacantly at the TV until the tea kettle whistles, whereupon I pour the water over a tea bag, grumble about the early hour as I pour a bowl of cereal, and go sit on the couch again while my tea steeps, wading through the muck on the news to find out the weather forecast.

I was grateful for the pre-sunrise beauty, and hoped that my day would be just as effortless and graceful.

I only had time for one lap around the neighborhood, but it was still great.  Maybe, if I can get myself to go to sleep earlier at night, I’ll start getting up a half-hour earlier so I can spend a half hour walking since it will be getting light outside sooner as we head toward the Summer Solstice.

When I got back home, I poured myself a cup of the coffee Mom had made–for some reason I wanted that instead of tea–and a bowl of cinnamon-pecan Special K.  Instead of going into the living room to my appointed post on the couch, I went in my bedroom, left the TV off, and read a bit in my newest issue of Body + Soul magazine, which I haven’t finished.

Following that, I pottered about packing my midmorning snack and lunch for work, filled up my water bottle and popped it in the ‘fridge, chose my clothes, and took Cat Stevens’ Greatest Hits to pop into the bathroom CD player, which I listened to while I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and put on my make-up and various lotions and potions.  I actually put together a nice ensemble to wear today, whereas, lately, I’ve mostly just been phoning it in: a navy and white print faux wrap dress with 3/4 sleeves, red ballet flats, red earrings, and a red cocktail ring.  I was even ready to leave ten minutes early, which seldom ever happens when I start my mornings the other way.

And guess what else?  My day at work has gone much more smoothly!

I’m going to make this a daily habit.  Every day that weather permits, I’m going to take a stroll around the neighborhood first thing in the morning.  When weather does not permit going out-of-doors (for instance, this time of year, thunderstorms with lightning and such), I’ll light a candle and go through a few of my favorite yoga asanas.

Not saying I’ll never have a cranky or rushed morning, but I anticipate much fewer of those if I stick with this.

So, thank you, BlissChick, for the post that sparked this change-for-the-better in my mornings!

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One thought on “A Different Sort of Morning

  1. Super!

    Yay for you 🙂

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