Sacred Life Sunday: An Afternoon In A Swing with Rumi, Sunshine, and A Breeze

The swing in the front yard, where I spent most of my afternoon.

The swing in the front yard, where I spent most of my afternoon.

“Ignorance is God’s prison.
“Knowing is God’s palace.

“We sleep in God’s unconsciousness.
“We wake in God’s open hand.

“We weep God’s rain.
“We laugh God’s lightning.

“Fighting and peacefulness
“both take place within God.

“Who are we then
“in this complicated world-tangle,
“that is really just the single, straight
“line down at the beginning of ALLAH?”

~ Rumi, “Emptiness,” The Essential Rumi, trans. Coleman Barks

I spent a good chunk of my afternoon sitting in that swing under the shade of two front yard trees.

For part of it, I read Rumi, the above being the section of what I read that spoke the most to me, especially the lines, “We sleep in God’s unconsciousness. / We wake in God’s open hand.”   I’m somewhat new to Rumi, and the more I read the more I like him, the more his words speak to my soul.

For part of the afternoon, I just leaned back, closed my eyes, and felt the breeze run across my skin and feel the little patches of sun on my face when the leaves above blew aside.  Part of the time, I just contemplated the canopy above me, just took in the moment.  It was so quiet much of the time.  I don’t know why.  The weather is beautiful today, and that usually brings people out en masse with ATV’s, go-carts, mopeds, bicycles, lawn mowers and other such noisy things.  I’m glad for the quiet, though.

And I’ve decided I don’t spend nearly enough time outside, especially not relaxing outside.  The irony, of course, is that being outside is when I feel most connected to all that is, to God, to that which is bigger than myself.  The label one gives the Divine is not important, really.  The feeling is.

That said, I think I’m going to go back out there.  I just thought I would share my smile, and that this has been the perfect antidote to the storm clouds hanging over my psyche Friday.

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One thought on “Sacred Life Sunday: An Afternoon In A Swing with Rumi, Sunshine, and A Breeze

  1. Oh, this is WONDERFUL!!!

    I adore swings like yours 🙂

    SO cool that we were joined in Rumi-bliss yesterday!

    Good for you for slowing down, just be-ing, noticing what is…the kiss of the breeze on your skin. Pure magic indeed.

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