Full Strawberry Moon Dreamboard

It’s time for Full Moon Dreamboards again!  Want to see mine?

Believe in dreams! (Full Moon Dreamboard, June 2009)

Believe in dreams! (Full Moon Dreamboard, June 2009)

1. Portland, Oregon, 2. Mossy Wonderland – Pt. 2, 3. Multnomah Falls, 4. writer’s teeth, 5. llibreria – bookstore – Amsterdam – HDR, 6. Be seeing you, 7. Nikon Film, 8. Inner Peace, 9. the 7 dwarves’ cottage, 10. let forever be, 11. Scrumptious, 12. Color Me!

For June, I want to focus on believing in my dreams, hence the caption.

I seem to be stuck, doubting myself where my dreams, what I want out of life, is concerned.  (Also, what to do with my life.)  So, I used Mosaic Maker and plugged in pictures of life dreams…Things not necessarily limited to this month, but dreams for a  lifetime.

I’ve come to a conclusion recently, stumbled upon in mental and spiritual wandering…Our hearts and souls, where the best wishes and dreams are born, have their reasons, and are not prone to leading us astray.  That much I know is true, but it is easy to be pulled off course or swayed by logic or the well-meaning protestations or advice of those that love us.  Logic and our loved ones’ counsel, of course, are based on the part of life’s road that can be seen from where we are.

What about the part of the road that we can’t see, because it’s around a curve or hidden in fog?  There can be some really great stuff waiting there, waiting for us to start moving toward it after we get over our fear, after we stop stalling in the middle of the road.  But we’re not going to get there if we don’t move, if we don’t believe that the road is there around that curve or through that fog.  Half the battle is believing!

And that’s why I want to focus this on believing in these dreams I’ve had so long.

If you stumble across this, believe in  your dreams!  Wishes and dreams are nothing if we don’t believe in them.

Even if you, or I, try and fail, at least we will have tried.  We’ll probably have learned something, and, at the very least, won’t have to live out our lives wondering what would have happened if we had believed in our dreams.  This isn’t a race.  We can make baby steps toward them.  All forward motion counts, but belief has to happen before movement happens.


Haha.  I got a little overly excited and made mine a day ahead of time.  🙂

Well, that, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be online today or not since my computer is behaving weirdly.

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11 thoughts on “Full Strawberry Moon Dreamboard

  1. It’s always the right time for dreaming! And you’ve launched these precious dreams under the full moon’s blessing, which is perfect. It’s all perfect.

    What a gorgeous dreamboard full of creativity and beautiful spaces. What a precious place you are right now. Affirming your belief in your dreams is powerful. I believe in dreams. And I believe in you! May this month be a powerful affirmation of these dreams, as you start to walk around the misty corner and discover what’s there.

  2. Enjoy the journey! I’ve just started to learn to believe in my dreams. At the center of my board is my “follow your heart” image. It is also central to a compass that I designed recently for my True North Arts blog. (http://www.truenortharts.com)

    Wonderful reflections!
    {soul hugs}

  3. Beautiful dreamboard, follow your dreams!!

  4. very lovely. several of those pics draw me right in: the yoga, the pen on the journal, the book store (yes? where the bike is?) and the painting in the bottom corner. gorgeous!

  5. It’s the perfect moment to dream! Here’s to MoTiOn!
    Much Peace and Many Blissings~*

  6. How neat! What fun!

    I love your dreams and what you chose to represent them 🙂

    When I get bogged down, feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I am reminded of the saying, “When the way is dark, go only as far as you can see. When you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.”

    I’m working at distilling my own dreams and true desires these days. So…thanks for the encouragement!

  7. What a luscious mosaic! Full of peaceful and happy images. Full of potential! May all your dreams come true. I believe! 🙂

  8. Thank you . You said exactly what I have been trying to articulate clearly to myself for months now.
    I am struggling to believe–to fight to make my dreams real–and to keep believing…
    Thank you.

  9. Beautiful.

  10. Follow your dreams follow your bliss and believe…or act as if…

    A lovely mosaic dreamboard….

  11. Powerful images.

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