Birthday Dreams

Today, I solidly hit the mid-twenties.  I feel like–and hope–I am finally on the cusp of moving fully into a life of my own.

Taking inspiration from the Full Moon Dreamboards, and given that birthday is also close to this month’s full moon, which was on July 7th, I made a dreamboard for the next year of my life.

I sat down in my bedroom floor with a stack of magazines, glue, posterboard, scissors, patterned oragami papers…You know, the usual collage-making paraphernalia.  I lit an orange candle and a yellow candle for inspiration, creativity, and happiness, and went with what appealed.

The final product:

Birthday Dreamboard 2009

Birthday Dreamboard 2009

There are two quotes, not just words or phrases, and they are meaningful, but difficult to read from the photo.  Let me remedy that:

Under the little girl on the left:

“What might my life be like were I to give in to the rhythms of my own ragged dance?  Like this, I imagine, walking down the trail, past grapevines and winecups and huisache blooming in the sun.  Just like this attentiveness, this pleasure, this being present to the world.” — Susan Hanson

And on the central image of the car driving through fog, approaching that huge and gorgeous tree:

“this path, this road that is one perfect
“straight line even if it goes around the world through heat
“and fog and rain and snow and its my life I keep thinking.
“It’s my life.” — Deborah Keenan, from “Small History”

What strikes me so much is how overwhelmingly light, happy, and joyful it looks.  I honestly do hope that is how my next year goes, that I, as the clipping on the bottom, center, says, “Live [my] best life.”

I want to dive in to a new life that is less full of duty and people-pleasing and more full of happiness and outright joy.

I want to welcome life made easier, because it’s of my own making.  (“Welcome life made easier” appears in the bottom right corner.)

I want to live in my own space, warm and inviting and crammed with books, where no one complains that my space is crammed with books.  I want to decorate with lots of natural woods and soft greens, creams, and butter yellows.

I want to be freer, to feel the grass under my feet, the sun on my face, and the breeze in my hair more often, to surround myself with beauty.

I want to dance my own ragged dance.

It is my life.  I just need to cultivate the courage to go out and take the reigns.

Also I wonder if anyone else notices, like I just did, how much the tree in the central image looks like depictions of the fabled Tree of Life?  That’s certainly something to ponder.

I’ve had a wonderful, relaxing day for the most part.  I went to the lake, I napped, I worked on my dreamboard, ate some of my favorite foods, took a long, lingering bath laced with lavender bath salts and using shower gel made with lavender essential oil.  Almost perfect.  The only thing that would have made it better is if I’d had a bathing suit so I could have gone swimming instead of wading at the lake this morning, but I hope to remedy that soon.

As for this month’s dreamboard, I think I could stand to spend another month with last month’s.  I’m still struggling with believing in my dreams as valid and viable.  Hopefully, that will change soon.

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Dreams


    Glad to know you are a fellow Cancerian 🙂

    This is a wonderful post!

    It literally left me smiling 🙂

    I wish all of those things for you as well. AND I will come visit you in your comfy abode crammed with books ~ and not complain one bit b/c our house is crammed with books and other collectibles.

    I look forward to watching your life unfold and being witness to you leaving that nest and manifesting your powerful mid-20’s self out into the World.


  2. How beautiful!! Happy birthday!! What an exquisite, joyful, delightful, vibrant, freeeeee year you are creating for yourself. May every wonderful dream come true, beautiful Rebekah!

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