Belated Full Lightning Moon Dreamboard

I’m still catching up with posts I wanted to make this week.  Things have been so hectic lately!  Such is life, at times, however.  I made my dreamboard earlier this week, but I’m just now sitting down to post about it.

Without further ado, my Full Moon Dreamboard for this month:

Full Moon Dreamboard, August 2009

Full Moon Dreamboard, August 2009

In introducing this month’s Full Moon, our beautiful and inspiring leader, Jamie Ridler, says:

“There are a few names for this August Full Moon: Sturgeon Moon, Fruit Moon, Corn Moon, Lightning Moon. Each name reminds us to connect to the energy of this time – full, rich, nourishing, intense. It’s a time to savour our blessings and welcome in the abundance that is all around us.”

I prefer “Lightning Moon,” both for its intensity and because I want to let more figurative lightness into my life.

The theme of welcoming in abundance goes perfectly hand-in-glove with this week’s Wishcasting, which asked what we wish to make room for, and, as I said in that post, right now I am facing quite a lot of uncertainty.  I have a relative idea of when my current job will wrap up, culminating in the retirement of my boss, the sole proprietor of the business, and the closing of the office.   For now, this is set to happen on October first, but even that is not certain as there is much to finish before that happens, and nor am I at all certain of what I’m going to do afterward, and, so far, making plans hasn’t worked out so well.

Hence this month’s dreamboard above.

I looked for a little more information on this full moon, and this is what I found that resonated most with me:

“This is a good time to focus on your spiritual and physical health. It’s the time to harvest what you can now to put aside for later use.”

Keeping all of that in mind, these are things I want to grow, harvest, and put aside for continual use in the coming month and beyond, as taken from the captions in my dreamboard:

  • I want to remember and believe that the light WILL come through the darkness and shade.
  • I want to connect: with friends new and old, with my highest, best Self, with the Divine, with Purpose.
  • I want to embrace life on its own terms, without judgment, to stretch and grow.
  • I want to keep my spark, and not let other people or circumstances put it out.
  • I want to be still and know, rather than running around frantically looking everywhere for The Answer.
  • I want to believe: in myself, in the power of That Which Is Larger Than Me, in the connectedness of all things, and that there is something good out there for me beyond my line of sight, no matter how the road in front of me may appear.
  • I want to play and sing my soul’s song.
  • I want to learn to relax into the moment.
  • I wish to adopt these words from Eleanor Roosevelt as my new motto:  “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.”

What do you wish to grow, harvest, and put aside for further use in the coming month?

Also, if you find yourself short on time in coming Full Moons and you still want to make a dreamboard, there is a downloadable program on Oprah’s website that allows you to make one with text and pictures, either from the Getty Images bank that comes with it or your own photos or those you save to your computer from the internet, and you can save it and print it out.  It’s very easy to use, and pretty neat.  You can download it here if you want.

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