Random Realizations for Today

Random Realization Number 1:  Communion with God/The Divine/The Universe/[Insert preferred name for Divinity here] is the destination.  Spiritual practices are the path one takes to get there.  Organized religion, or its lack thereof, is the vehicle or one’s own two feet, depending.

Random Realization Number 2:  Others’ problems are not my problems unless I choose to make them my problems.  I choose not to make my boss’s problems my problems, or the clients’ problems my problems.  I will however do my work, that which can reasonably be expected of me.  This does not mean I cannot or will not help when and where appropriate.  It simply means that I will not take on all the stress and worry and other harmful emotional states that come with assuming responsibility for others’ problems, especially petty problems that it would benefit them to sort out themselves.  It is setting up and maintaining proper boundaries, which, in the past, I haven’t been very good at doing.

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