Full Corn Moon Dreamboard

Full Corn Moon Dreamboard 2009

Full Corn Moon Dreamboard 2009

Yes, it’s that time again…Time for full moon dreamboards hosted by Jamie Ridler!  Tonight is this month’s full moon, the Full Corn Moon.

Since the Full Corn Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon, and its concerned with bounty, plenty, celebration and the fruits of our labors, I thought about what I want to harvest or what I may have already harvested that I want to savor during the coming month.

With that in mind, the pieces of my very simple dreamboard fell into place.  I want to feel the ease, peace, and happiness of the woman in the picture.  Just looking at her I can feel the breeze coming off the water, and what it feels like to have your feet in the sand and the water.  I want to continue to savor the wisdom and awakenings gleaned from my solitary retreat last weekend.   The most important thing I took away from that was the insistent inner command to be here now.

In the coming month, I want to:

  • Practice being fully present in the Now, and trust that the future will unfold as it is supposed to, at least for this one month.
  • Add joy to my day, even if it’s just something small like playing a few of my favorite songs while lying in bed, just taking them in.
  • Cultivate inner peace.  This goes hand in hand with being fully present in the Now, and also if I can cultivate inner peace where I am now, I will know I can do it anywhere.
  • Take time every day to de-stress.  I have a job that is often stressful for me, and I need to be gently reminded that I do not have to stay stressed out once the office door closes behind me.  I can take time to do something to ease my stress, be it some form of exercise or meditation or a long, hot bath.

What dreams do you want to harvest and savor this month?  Whatever they are, may they come to you abundantly.

(P.S. If, like me, you want to add joy to your day, Jamie is also leading the next round of the book blogging group The Next Chapter, and the book is The Joy Diet:  10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life by Martha Beck.  The fun begins September 18th!  I’ve joined up, my copy of the book should be arriving in the next few days, and I am looking very forward to it.)

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10 thoughts on “Full Corn Moon Dreamboard

  1. Wonderful board, may you always know joy. I am looking forward to the Joy Diet also.

  2. All good stuff!

    Each bullet point you mentioned could apply to me as well.

    Thanks for the intentions 🙂

    I wish you the utmost success with your dreams for the next month!

  3. Gosh, the utter simplicity is bliss itself.
    Great job…
    May all your dreams come true….

  4. your dreamboard is very, very powerful. i love it!! the autumn is time to go inside, reflect and really focus on becoming who we really are meant to be. i hope all of your dreams become realities 🙂

  5. I love how the clean, simple, joy of your full moon dreams is reflected in your full moon board. May it be a delicious month full of all you dream of.

    I’m so excited to be on the joy journey with you too!

  6. Love it!
    and very inspiring, everything your images and words!

  7. I like the simplicity of this. Lovely dreamboard.

  8. Simple, yet powerful dreamboard, done with such clarity and vision. Many blessings as your dream unfolds!!! 🙂

  9. soulspackle

    Very good stuff to remind yourself indeed!! Blessings to you!

  10. wow, your lovely dreamboard is all about self-care, and that is wonderful. it is so very important. I hope your dreams come true!

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