Wishcasting Wednesday: What Dream Do You Wish to Explore?

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Wishcasting time over at Jamie Ridler Studios. 🙂

This week, Jamie asks:

What dream do you wish to explore?

I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I realized something.  I’m already exploring, in one way or another, to one extent or another, my “Big Three” dreams: writing, photography, and painting/drawing.  (Though I paint and draw less.)  These three, of course, were the first to come to mind.  That in itself was a happy-making revelation.  Silly as it sounds, a lot of times I forget, and then I whine about not being able to do those things.  (Today I realized the “not doing” is more a function of my lack of time management than any external factors, though familial interruptions come in second, which I can also remedy in various ways.)

But there’s another dream that scares me and excites me in equal measure: visiting and possibly moving to Portland, Oregon.  I’ve made no secret of my feeling its pull.  I’ve felt that pull for over a year.  My intuitive side is excited by that pull, feeling there must be a reason the notion won’t leave me alone and that mentions of it crop up in the most random of places, but my more logical side is terrified as it is almost 2,000 miles away from the area I know and am–in waking life and real life–familiar with.  (Nevermind that I feel like I have a map of the state of Oregon tattooed into the backs of my eyelids.)

So–and I’m fully aware of the admonishment to be careful what I wish for–this is my wish:

I wish to explore the dream that won’t leave me alone:  of living in or near Portland, Oregon.  I wish to summon the courage to explore Portland and its surrounding area via a solo exploratory trip, and, if I feel it is a good fit and I can find a reasonably priced apartment and job opportunities, I wish for the courage and strength to move there and live that dream, as I know many in my life will object to my moving into a place that is so wholly unknown to them. 

And, in order for that to come true, there’s another wish I need to make.  I wish to be a confident solo traveler.  (I have no one who can go with me on any excursion longer than a week.)

Just putting this into words, publicly and intentionally, is a big step for me, both elating and frightening.  Luckily, I feel the frightening part is more a function of its being so far beyond the pale, so out of my usual character, and that stepping beyond that pale, out of my usual character, is most likely exactly what I need to grow.  Remember, my word of the year this year is “bloom”!

What wild, crazy dream do you wish to explore?  Whatever it is, I hope it comes true!

P.S.  If you are having a bad day and need a change of perspective, I recommend clicking here.

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3 thoughts on “Wishcasting Wednesday: What Dream Do You Wish to Explore?

  1. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

  2. As Rebekah wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

    Yay to discovering that you’re already pursuing some big dreams! And Yay to finding the courage to say outloud that yes, Portland is something you want to explore. I’ll look forward to hearing about your adventures! You can do it!

  3. Keep on rockin’ and dreamin’ and travelin’, dear Rebekah!

    You’ll get there and it will be MARVELOUS!

    I heart Portland!!!

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