Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard

Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard

Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard

Tonight is the Full Wolf Moon, which means it’s time again for Full Moon Dreamboards led by the ever-inspiring Jamie Ridler!

Earlier today as I flipped through magazines, cutting out what called to me, I noticed two things:

  1. Words and quotes were jumping out at me more than most images, and
  2. The images that did jump out at me, showed women with their chests open, hearts unblocked, of which I found only three.

One woman is standing above the scene before her, heart open, reaching for the sky.  One woman is dancing, her heart open to the movement, the moment, and passion, and the third rests in a rowboat, hands off the oars, letting the river carry her along.

The words on the first photo are “Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Love.”

On the photo of the dancing woman appears the following quote:

“Women lose their lives not knowing they can do something different…I claimed myself and remade my life.  Only when I knew I belonged to myself completely did I become capable of giving myself to another, of finding joy in desire, pleasure in our love, power in this body no one else owns.” — Dorothy Allison, from Two or Three Things I Know for Sure

The quote pasted onto the picture of the woman in the rowboat is:

“When your life is on course with its purpose, you are your most powerful.” –Oprah Winfrey

Finally, this is the quote running along the bottom:

“Nothing great has been and nothing great can be accomplished without passion.” — G.W.F. Hegel

I suppose my intuition was telling me this today:  I want to follow my passions, to get my life on course with my purpose, to feel powerful and alive.  I want to feel at home with myself, in my life, and in my skin.  I want peace, harmony, laughter, and love.  I want to face life with openness, instead of closing myself off.

This dreamboard, the dreamboard I made on New Year’s Eve, and my word of the year are, combined, what I want for the coming year.  These tell how I want to kick off the decade.   These are what I’m dreaming of.

What are you dreaming of?

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One thought on “Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard

  1. ~may your passions unleash and take you on a beautiful journey…walking about feeling powerful and alive as you wish…beautiful dreamboard…may all you dream to bring forth in your life come to be…brightest blessings~

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