Full Snow/Hunger Moon Dreamboard

Yesterday was the February full moon, and, while I am a day late, it still means time for me to participate in the Full Moon Dreamboard circle at Jamie Ridler Studios

I think this month’s may be my favorite dreamboard so far.  Here it is:

Full Hunger Moon Dreamboard 2010

Full Hunger Moon Dreamboard 2010

I found out that one of the alternate names for the Full Snow Moon is the Full Hunger Moon.  We’ve had a lot of snow this year, and I’m rapidly getting sick of it, so Full Hunger Moon sounded much better to me.  (Maybe my Long Nights Moon dreamboard worked too well, since snow images dominated?)   As I was choosing images for this board, I asked myself, “What am I hungry for?”

To put it simply, I am hungry for:

  • Spring.
  • Breathing space, both indoors and out, in my surroundings and within myself.
  • Time spent outdoors.
  • The feel of the sun on my face.
  • And, apparently, fresh veggies, if the bottom center image is any indication.

So, what are you hungry for?  Whatever it is, I hope you create it, find it, or that it finds you.

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3 thoughts on “Full Snow/Hunger Moon Dreamboard

  1. Can I steal your dreamboard — that’s what I want! Although for me it would be totally “breathing space”/peace in my mind. Beautiful images.

  2. Love your dreamboard, it feels so airy and light, a perfect place to breathe deeply and relax. May spring arrive soon. Here’s to our dreams coming true!

  3. That looks so good to me! I like the idea of a dream board. I dream of the time to do something like this. 🙂

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