Switch Off Sunday #1: Starting A New Ritual

Goddess Leonie's Switch Off SundayBack in October, a lovely lady I greatly admire, Goddess Leonie of GoddessGuidebook.com began what she called Switch Off Sunday.   Starting today, I am climbing aboard that bandwagon.  Leonie describes it like this:

“Hurrah! It’s that beautiful day of the week again… that ritual of making all or part of my Sunday switched off… logging off my ‘puter and doing some of those things I really wanna do… and just adoring my beautiful goddess life.

“Why do I make it a ritual? Because… all of us know it would be better to take time off from being online… but as the days roll by, we forget to do it. By making it a weekly ritual, it becomes part of our gorgeous routine… and becomes integrated into our luscious life.

“You can join me by taking off the whole day, the morning, the afternoon or just a couple of hours off from being online.”

When she first started Switch Off Sunday, I wanted to do it, but I felt it would interfere with my participation in Sacred Life Sunday, which I started early on in my WordPress blogging adventure.   Of course, I haven’t really been keeping up with Sacred Life Sunday lately, either.   I’ve not had much to say because I haven’t been taking sacred time on Sunday, largely due to my being glued to my laptop, and, yes, I feel it the rest of the week.

For purposes of my own accountability, here is how things are going to go from here on out…Saturday evening I will make my list of “Glorious Possibilities” as Leonie Calls them, and set that as a scheduled Switch Off Sunday post.  (Thank you, WordPress, for the awesomeness of scheduled posting!)  I’ll be checking in at Flock for the Sunday post, and, after that, I will be switched off for the rest of each Sunday.  On Monday, I will recount any experienced sacredness and pictures, if any, thereof, in a Sacred Life Sunday post.

As for today, here are my Glorious Possibilities:

  • Relax and watch Up In the Air, which I rented and have heard is really good.
  • Read in any or all of the spiritual books I’ve been meaning to read.
  • Meditate in some sort of fashion.
  • Write a petition to the Universe regarding the removal of the things making me feel stuck a la Elizabeth Gilber in Chapter 9 of Eat, Pray, Love, possibly to be posted within the coming week.
  • Lie in bed and listen to whatever music my heart calls for.
  • Write in my paper journal or play in my art journal.

That being said, I am now switching off for the rest of the day.  Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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