Sacred Life Sunday: “Altaring” My Sunday Routine

This week, I decided to change up my Sunday routine.  I haven’t been making time for things sacred, so I decided to join in Switch Off Sunday to reclaim some sacred time.

Of course, reclaiming sacred time led me to reclaiming sacred space.  My poor altar had been neglected, dusty, disorganized, and, well, had become rather un-sacred.  It had become just another part of my cramped and cluttered room.  So, I fixed that problem.  Behold, my reclaimed sacred space:

My altar on 3/14/2010

My cleaned, revived altar.

 It felt great to sit down on the meditation cushions I had stored away and meditate in front of my cleaned, revived altar!

 In keeping with the list of Glorious Possibilities in that afore-linked post, I did watch Up In the Air–beware, you’ll need Kleenex–and it was actually a beautiful, if slightly-sad-in-the-end movie.

Mostly, though, I rested.  With the time change, I knew I would need extra rest yesterday so Monday morning would not come as such a rude awakening.  I took my first Sunday afternoon nap in some time, laid in bed and listened to music and watched some live clips of some of my favorite bands on YouTube and Facebook.  I read in Sera Beak’s The Red Book, and got back on the horse with the venerable The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

I loved having a low-key Sunday that I didn’t have to do anything in particular, and, because I’d run all my errands on Saturday, I was free to just lounge around.  I think that may become a habit.  Yes, rest is good.

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