Full Worm Moon Dreamboard

Full Worm Moon Dreamboard 2010

Full Worm Moon Dreamboard 2010

It’s time again for Full Moon Dreamboards, led by the amazing Jamie Ridler.  Actually, I’m a day late, but I was doing something toward this month’s dream last night when I would otherwise have been assembling my board.

This month brought a very simple dreamboard.  I focused on the dream that has been “worming” its way into my heart over the past year:  photography.  Aside from the stock photo of my camera–yes, that is my exact camera–all the photos are mine, taken from my “Spring!” set on Flickr.

In support of my photography dream, I went to a talk at the local photography guild meeting by a local-born pro photographer last night, may join the guild at the next meeting, and Thursday I will start Tracey Clark‘s e-course, “Picture Spring:  30 days of seasonal celebration,”  which is where my use of the phrase “Picture Spring” came from.

In the coming month, I want to use photography to explore and play…And exploring and playing, in general, would be nice.

The quote on the right of my dreamboard is composed of lyrics from a song that was running through my head as I made my board and selected the images, a song by one of my favorite bands, so I thought it would be appropriate to include them:

“Don’t give up on the dream.  Don’t give up on the wanting, and everything that’s true.” — Placebo, “Because I Want You,” from the album Meds

What are you dreaming of this month?  What are you hoping Spring brings?

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