Switch Off Sunday: Soul-Care and Self-Care

Goddess Leonie's Switch Off Sunday

A few weeks ago, I decided to join in Goddess Leonie’s Switch Off Sunday.   The basic premise:  to spend all or part of the day away from the computer and internet, with or without a list of Glorious Possibilities.

This week, I’ll be taking the time between the moment I click on the “Publish” button for this post and sometime later this evening off the laptop. 

My list of Glorious Possibilities:

  • Take my daily photo for Picture Spring.
  • Dive into Karen Maezen Miller ‘s Hand Wash Cold:  Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life, which I ordered and which arrived in the mail yesterday, preferably sitting out on the porch in one of the gliders with the sun and some fresh air.  I’ve recently needed some help remembering the sacred in the mundane, and my gut-level pull to this book says it will help.
  • Continue reading through the Gospel of Mark in the Bible, and maybe a bit of Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christianity, both of which I’ve been reading as part of my continuing efforts to make peace with Christianity and my upbringing therein.
  • Meditate.  (This is not an option for me anymore.  I need this to function properly.)
  • Write in my paper journal.
  • Fill in some more of my copy of 2010: Creating My Goddess Year.  No, I still don’t have it all filled in, but I’ve come to accept that, as my plans change somewhat as this year unfolds.  Such is the evolving nature of my life at this point.
  • Nap.
  • Pray.
  • Listen to uplifting music.
  • Put in some therapeutic time on the yoga mat.
  • Perhaps do a mani-pedi in a bright, Spring color.  (I’m thinking bright pink!)

I may do all of those things.  I may only do a few.  My main focus this week is soul-care and self-care.

Have a restful, restorative Sunday, everyone!

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