A Few Awesome Things So Far Today

Inspired by the blog 1000 Awesome Things (which I found via this post, which post I found through a web of blog-hopping), I thought I’d make a list of a few awesome things so far today:

  1. Sleeping through my alarm clock due to earplugs, but only being ten minutes later than usual to get out of bed, and perfectly on time for work.
  2. Savoring a big ol’ mug of General Foods International French Vanilla Cafe first thing upon waking.  Maybe not the most healthful way to start the day, but it certainly is a delicious one, and much more reasonable than going somewhere else to pick up a french vanilla coffee when the craving hits.
  3. Listening to His & Hers, a mostly upbeat mix CD I found in the sale bin at Wal-Mart for $7.00 a few weeks ago–particularly Goldfrapp’s track “Ooh La La“–while getting ready for work.  Just try to sit still and be in a bad mood with that song playing!  I dare you!
  4. The parking lot at work is still accessible despite sidewalk destruction/construction between it and the street, so no parking on the street or in the city lot for me.  (Made extra awesome since it’s now raining.)
  5. The phone has been rather quiet so far, in contrast to yesterday’s busy-ness.
  6. I had an organic baby spinach salad to go alongside my Lean Cuisine entree for lunch.
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