Friday Photo: Post-Thunderstorm Puddle

As I’ve gotten deeper into photography as a hobby and as a means of connecting to spirit, light and life in a moment, I’ve amassed, and continue to amass, tons of photos.  This is becoming a part of who I am, it seems.


I’m trying on that label.  So, while I’m trying it on for size, doing it for the love of it (the true meaning of “amateur”), I’ve decided Fridays are for photos, and perhaps a bit of poetry, a quote, or the story behind the photograph.  Last Friday’s post should probably actually be counted as the inaugural Friday Photo for me, but I wasn’t sure it would become a recurrent thing, it was something I decided to do in the moment.  This week I am sure.

Without further adieu, this Friday’s photo:

A tree reflected in a post-thunderstorm puddle on the porch, shot through screendoor.

A tree reflected in a post-thunderstorm puddle on the porch, shot through screendoor. Taken 5/14/2010, Canon PowerShot A 1100 IS.

Late this afternoon, we had a good, solid two-hour block of time with thunder, lightning, high wind, and pouring rain.  At one point, it sounded like the house was being hit by ocean waves.   The newscasters interrupted television to warn there may be hail and wind damage.  (We received none.)

Afterward, it was so peaceful.  The hot stickiness in the air that had built as the day worn on was gone.  The birds came out, happily chirping and filling the trees in the front yard.  The wind died down and there was nothing but a gentle breeze…Well, and the huge puddle that covered most of the area of the porch in front of the front door.

I looked out and saw this perfect mirror, and had to shoot it.  If you look closely, you can see patches of blue sky.  You can also see the edge of the puddle in the upper left corner.  I didn’t want to disturb it, so I didn’t open the door, but I kind of like the filtered effect the screen gave.

I love finding these little bits or moments of beauty that most people just never notice.  Before photography and spirituality became interconnected for me last fall, I didn’t notice.  I so often see the world differently now, and I love it!

If you, dear Reader, wanted to post a photo every Friday, I’d love to know about it and come see them.

Note: This is not an original concept.  There are many Google search results for “Photo Friday” or “Friday Photo,” so much so that I have no idea who originated it, though if you do, please let me know.   I’m all for joining in and giving credit where it’s due.  Oh, and if you want some inspiration, head over to Photo Friday, which provides weekly challenges.

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One thought on “Friday Photo: Post-Thunderstorm Puddle

  1. Great idea!

    Lovely post.

    I echo your photography experience. It has enriched my life in so many ways over the past few years!

    I look forward to your future Friday posts 🙂

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