Change. Bloom. Evolve.

I may have just committed a blogging sin.  I changed my blog title.

It used to be ‘Though Life May Be Still, It Is Still Life’ after my inaugural post.  Lately, though, that has been feeling off.

Don’t ask me why if you want a logical reason.  I can’t give you a fully logical reason.  It’s a feeling.  I’ve been feeling stuck due to what seems to be a war between two sides of myself, the logical and the intuitive/emotional, and every time I came here to write a post, I saw  life referred to as being still.   Said war is at an impasse, and when one is stuck at an impasse of any kind, the last thing one wants to feel is as though life itself is standing still, and that is what my old title had started making me feel.

So, I changed my title to “Bloom,” my word of the year.  Having that touchstone at the top of the page, both in visual and verbal forms, feels better.

I changed the tagline, too.  I’ve come to feel like things in my life, and this blog, too, are evolving.  (Evolution is, after all, a series of small changes over an extended period of time.)  I started this blog because of the initial post, with no clear plan other than to let it unfold and evolve, to share little pieces of myself, my thoughts, and my life with anyone who wanted to read them, to go where the Muse moved me.  In its evolution I’ve grown.  I’ve discovered passions, new interests, and connected with more people.  It’s time the tagline reflected that.  Not to mention that I am hoping it, too, will help things shift, that things outside the blog will evolve.

In other small changes around here, I’ve begun posting my twist on the time-honored blogging tradition of Friday Photos, the first series I’ve begun doing on my own without someone else directly facilitating them.  I’m aiming to make photography and words into a weekly serving of soul food, with an original photo and either a poem, the story behind the photo, or a quote (perhaps with some reflection on said quote).

I have an idea for another series, but my gremlins are bugging me about it, so it could be a while before that comes down the pipeline.  I’m alternately excited about it and wary about it.  It’s one of those instances of writing what you need to read, and since I’m not anywhere near being an “expert” on the matter, my gremlins are picking me apart and giving me page fright, but the Muse is insistent, so we’ll see how that goes.

At any rate, I am trying to set the stage to change, bloom, and evolve.  *Crosses fingers and hopes it works.*

A parting thought:  What small–or, if you’re brave, huge–thing could you do to change, bloom, or evolve in some aspect of life?

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3 thoughts on “Change. Bloom. Evolve.

  1. Congratulations!

    Yay for you!

    I could some of the same energy ~ as the stuck feeling (and the overwhelming angst of *slow*change*and*birthing*) has pervaded my being for quite some time now.

    Perhaps I’ll go scatter some seeds to the wind today.

    Thank you…


  2. I love the way you are honoring your muse in this post. (Probably why your Gremlins are chatty. You’re on the right track! Give them some taffy. 🙂

    I also loved the word “touchstone” when you talked about Bloom. What a great image!

    Much Warmth to You,


  3. Rebekah

    Thank you, Lisa. 🙂

    Rachelle, I love the idea of giving the Gremlins some taffy! Maybe that will stick their mouths together for a while so they can’t talk. Glad you like the image, too. That’s a slice of one of the ones I took for Picture Spring last month.

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