Switch Off Sunday: Many Glorious Possibilities

Goddess Leonie's Switch Off SundayIt’s Sunday again, time for participating in Goddess Leonie’s Switch Off Sunday.   The basic premise:  to spend all or part of the day away from the computer and internet, with or without a list of Glorious Possibilities.

For the next little while, I’m committing to taking at least 8 consecutive hours off the Internet every Sunday to rest, recharge, reconnect with That Which Is Bigger Than Me, read, and, if I’m so inclined, play around with creative endeavors.  I want Sundays to be nothing but goodness.  I don’t want to find myself doing anything draining, even if that’s something I feel I “should” be doing.  The “shoulds” can be saved for another day.  I can work that scheduling out over on TeuxDeux.

This week, my Glorious Possibilities:

  • Do Goddess Leonie’s Chakra Healing Goddess Meditation and fill out the worksheets in the kit.
  • Write in my paper journal or Jen Lee‘s Take Me With You: A Journal for the Journey (which I haven’t finished yet), and do morning pages in their special composition book.  (All in keeping with 21.5.800.   Hopefully tomorrow I’ll post about my first week doing the challenge.)
  • Finish reading the paranormal romance novel I’m currently halfway through, Nora Roberts’ Entranced.
  • Play in my art journal, perhaps with techniques gleaned from Violette’s Journal Bliss:  Creative Prompts to Unleash Your Inner Eccentric and/or inspired by Keri Smith’s How to Be An Explorer of the World.
  • Just lie in bed listening to music, whatever music my mood calls for.
  • Wash my bedding and hang it out in the sun to dry, barring a sudden, unforecasted storm like we had yesterday.  (There is little better about summer than falling into bed with the scent of sun-dried sheets.)
  • Spend some quiet time with Barbara Brown Taylor’s An Altar In the World.
  • Play with the kittens.
  • Drink my coffee on the porch in a few minutes.
  • Give myself a full mani-pedi, either bright pink or red.  Summer’s almost here!  One more day before it’s official!
  • Figure out a few loose plans to celebrate the Solstice in case the original plan is a no-go because of weather or other factors.  (The original plan was and is to take a picnic supper to the lake, walk along the beach, maybe set a few flowers afloat, and stand in the water close to shore.  I may even take a swim.)
  • Remain open to possibilities.
  • Just rest.

Have a peaceful, happy Sunday, everyone!

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