A Much-Needed, Wisdom-Filled Surprise In My Comments Queue

This morning I started to delete last night’s post, titled “Confessions,” because I felt it was mostly anxiety-ridden, self-indulgent drivel.

I didn’t, though.  The comment from a non-blogger who called himself Sean was worth leaving it.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  He said:

“Quit comparing yourself to other people. Their reality is not yours! What do they have to do with YOU? There is always going to be someone better off and worse off than you. I promise you that.

“Quit being so afraid to fail. More times than not you have to fail (sometimes really big) to just find the right way to exist LET ALONE be successful. You just have to be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Don’t overthink it! It’s not rocket science and I think you know that.”

Truth on all counts, and guilty as charged.

I have a horrible habit of comparing myself to others and finding myself lacking, wondering why I can’t have things as together as they do, why I can’t seem to be as courageous or creative or spiritual or whatever I feel I’m lacking that they are or have.  I needed to be snapped out of that.  I often forget that I’m not here to be anyone else, that I have my own path that needs to be walked, lessons unique to my journey to be learned, and that these things will be accomplished on their own timetable and in their own ways.

I also forget that failure is inevitable.  It’s going to visit everyone at different points in life.  I forget it carries its own lessons with it, and even sometimes pleasant surprises.  I just get caught up in the part where I have to admit failure and listen to certain relatives and other people throw it in my face as evidence of why I shouldn’t or can’t do x, y, or z.  I get caught up in what my university alumni profile would look like if I bothered to update it.  It become so frightened of failure that I freeze, which is when the anxiety arrives and I start comparing myself to everyone else.

So, thank you, Sean, for bringing me back down to Earth.  I’ll try to keep these things in mind.  I can’t promise I’ll be perfect about doing so, as I am a human being who frequently fumbles in the dark, but I’ll do my best.

This is why I love writing blog posts.  You never know what (often much-needed) wisdom-filled surprises will be lurking in your comments queue.

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