Full Strawberry Moon Dreamboard

…Or, how I decided to spend another lunar month with the one I made for the Full Flower Moon.

Here’s the dreamboard, again:

Full Flower Moon Dreamboard. Also rededicated for Full Strawberry Moon.

Full Flower Moon Dreamboard. Also rededicated for Full Strawberry Moon.

Yesterday, I went around and around with myself all day about making a new dreamboard.  In thinking about one for the month ahead, this next moon cycle, I drew a complete blank.  No new images were appealing to me.  I couldn’t even decide on a medium, whether to use foamboard like last time, posterboard, my art journal, my sketchbook, or a computer application (like Big Huge Labs’ Mosaic Maker, O Dreamboard, or Picasa‘s collage feature).  When I tried to envision a new board, I just kept thinking about the last one.

Time ticked away yesterday when I thought, if I was going to make one, I should probably at least start clipping out some images.  Then I told myself that since Jamie, the leader of the online dreamboarding circle I belong to, wouldn’t be launching hers until after the telecircle today (I didn’t feel called to join the telecircle this time, perhaps because, deep down, I knew I wouldn’t be making a new board), and the moon would still be in phase, that no immediate decision needed to be made.

For extra clarity, and to give my thoughts a jolt and jumping-off point, I decided to draw an oracle card and a tarot card from the Major Arcana.

Sidenote: Before anyone who randomly lands here goes preaching at me about how this means I’m going to Hell, or how illogical that is, let me explain.  I feel they are most useful in bringing together the conscious and unconscious, the visual and verbal parts of our minds and that elusive thing we call intuition, especially when thoughts race or are fragmented or conflicted, which then produces the often powerful experience by giving all these aspects of one’s mind a point of focus, words and images to play with.  Then again, I am also open to the thought that the Divine could guide one to the right card(s) at the right time.  I try to keep an open mind about things.

I only have one deck of each, which suits me fine because they are perfect for me.  For the oracle card, I drew from Toni Carmine Salerno’s Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards, and for the tarot card, I drew from the Major Arcana of Paulina Cassidy’s Paulina Tarot.

The oracle card I drew was called “Eternity”, and the booklet had this to say about the card (emphasis mine):

“This card is encouraging you to detach from the restrictions of your mind and look at your life from a more universal perspective…The message for you at this time in your life is to focus on the spiritual side of life.  Observe your thoughts and fears and consciously surrender them to the UniverseFeel the spirit of Nature and Her changing seasons.  Observe how all of Nature is in perfect order, how She accepts all the transpires in the world. Rejoice in the feeling of timelessness that swells within your heart when surrounded by Nature’s beauty.”

That hit the nail on the head, for the most part.  I’ve not been taking the time to feed myself spiritually.  I haven’t kept up a daily routine of spiritual practice other than hitting the yoga mat five days a week for the past couple weeks, nor have I spent much time connecting to Nature, which is where I best find spiritual connection to That Which Is Bigger Than Me.  I need that spiritual connection if I am going to get anywhere, and, yes, like most people, I’ve been struggling with fear and anxiety, largely because I haven’t been able to surrender it to the Universe to resolve, trusting the Divine to take care of it.  These are things that I want to focus on, and, one way or another, are already in last month’s dreamboard, from the woman lying happily in the grass (nature time), to a focus on mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.  Oh, yes, and there are a few evocative of rejoicing as well.

The tarot card I drew was The Star, about which the little white book had this to say (emphasis, again, is mine):

“Through much trial and hard work the girl’s dream of becoming a ballerina has come true.  Her pose expresses confidence, and her face shows her shining hope.  The frog, a symbol of good luck, promotes pleasant dreams.  A bird offers a heart as a token of peace and love.

“Meanings:  Peace of mind, healing, tranquility, optimism, harmony, trust in the future, inner beauty.

Again, a lot of what this card speaks of is in the dreamboard.  I think the dreamboard does contain hope, pleasant dreams (the way the flower connects the sleeping woman to the images of the hot air balloon and fun with circus performers), peace of mind (the meditative images), optimism (yellow as the dominant color and smiling faces), and inner beauty (a lot of the type I included speaks to this).  Just the act of making a dreamboard and launching it during the full moon is an act of trust in the future, don’t you think?  Don’t we trust that these collaged visions will affect changes in our lives?  I do.

With so many intuitive, and otherwise, nudges suggesting I spend another month with this dreamboard, I chose to do so.  I am rededicating and renewing it for the Full Strawberry Moon, supplemented by the meanings associated with the oracle card and tarot card I drew.

Happy dreaming, fellow full moon dreamers!

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6 thoughts on “Full Strawberry Moon Dreamboard

  1. It is a beautiful dreamboard…one worthy of all the extra time you need.
    Light to it all coming into being.

  2. Your dreamboard is awesome, and I think it’s totally okay to use the same one over the months if it beings you the right feeling. I have my first dreamboard, from two years ago, hanging over my pagan altar because it looks so right up to now! It reminds me what I need to focus on a daily basis. This month my little son made his own dreamboard after more than one year without participating, and it was sweet that he joine the group again.

    May your dreams come true!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  3. It is a beautiful board and what struck me immediately is your choice of yellow and orange … they are the colors of the second chakra, creativity, and the third chakra, your center of will and determination. May that energy guide you to realize all your dreams!

  4. What a beautiful affirmation of your intuition and your intentions – and a what a wonderful idea, to rededicate and renew the energy therein.

    Here’s to your dreams and to your inner wisdom. I’m so glad you’re in the circle!


  5. I love how you followed your intuition on this Rebekah. And altho I”m not usually drawn to yellow, I love the vibrant yellow hews in your board. Thanks for sharing with us how tarot and collage intersected for you this month.

    Much Warmth,


  6. Excellent!!!

    LOVE how cards can guide us 🙂

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