The Close Of A Murphy’s Law Week

This week has been one of those weeks.  I call them Murphy’s Law weeks, weeks in which fall more than one Murphy’s Law day.  This week was, without doubt, a Murphy’s Law week.

I wrestled with anxiety all week, and had been for a while, which has thrown my body off in ways large and small.  I’m fairly certain that the anxiety is rooted in knowing I’m soon going to have to make a choice between staying with the status quo of my life thus far or taking a leap toward what I dream of, but which is, in reality, the Unknown.

Also, unrelated to weighty matters of what I’m going to do with the aforementioned choice, the normal, everyday annoyances have come feeling more stressful due to the aforementioned baseline anxiety.

Insomnia has been visiting.  She always picks the worst time to visit, and only serves to heighten anxiety, frustration, and tiredness.

My car was making a loud, roaring noise.  The mechanic we use could work it in Wednesday.  It died on me on the way to his new shop.  Straight up died going uphill with an F-150 extended cab riding my bumper, threatening to rear-end me!  I calmly got it off the road just as the steering locked up.   It had to be towed, of course.  I had thought it was just a problem with the muffler.  Oh, how wrong.   It’s one of those cases where one part went to pieces, and due to proximity and speed, it messed up a bunch of other stuff.  It’s past $500.00 now in costs including repairs and towing, and one more thing still has to be done, for which the parts had to be ordered and haven’t come in yet.

No Friday Photo yesterday.  I’m tired of using archived images, as that was not what I set out to do, so I was going to go out and take some.  Oh, but since it’s Murphy’s Law Week, my camera was screwed up.  When I turned the camera off, the lens would stick out, and when I turned it on the lens would retract. It would not take pictures in either position.

I almost hit the meltdown point, then.  If I take photos when I’m freaked out and nervous, it takes my mind off of things.  I needed it and my camera let me down.  Thankfully, I think the tide started to turn a bit since I got out the manual and went through some troubleshooting.   The manual proved ineffective on its own, but a few intuitive leaps using the manual as a base and my camera was functioning again.   Also yesterday I found out I was gifted a three day weekend.  My boss didn’t say anything one way or another about having Monday off until shortly before I left work yesterday afternoon.  I figured we weren’t going to close the office, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Yes, it seems Murphy’s Law Week is over.  So far, so good.  This morning I enjoyed quality pajama time, ate lunch, went to the movie theater and thoroughly enjoyed The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, walked around CVS being girlie while looking at makeup (the petrolatum-, mineral oil-, and paraben-free kind), and came home for some more relaxing.

I have two main objectives for this long weekend: relaxing and reconnecting to spirit.  I know that’s counter to the usual expectations for a holiday weekend, but, after recent events I need it and I’m taking it.

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