Sacred Life Sunday: Full Buck Moon (a.k.a. Blessing Moon) Dreamboard

It’s the full moon tonight, and that means it’s time for full moon dreamboards hosted by Jamie Ridler Studios.  (It also happens to be Sacred Life Sunday, as I feel creating a dreamboard for the full moon is a sacred activity.)  Here is mine for this month:

Full Buck Moon/Blessing Moon Dreamboard, 7/25/2010

Full Buck Moon/Blessing Moon Dreamboard, 7/25/2010

This full moon is known as the Full Buck Moon, but also as the Blessing Moon.

I making my dreamboard, I kept in mind what Jamie said about this full moon (emphasis mine):

“There’s such gorgeous energy happening under this Full Buck Moon! The moon is in Aquarius so we have an invitation to be expansive in our dreams, to let them reach far and wide, to touch the world around us, to share our hopes with humanity. And then the Full Buck moon invites us to take some action on our dreams, to assert our presence in the world, to take a stand and say, ‘Here I am! Here is what I’m dreaming!’ Sharing your dreams here is a great way to start!”

But the alternate name also jumped out at me, the Blessing Moon.  To me, that quietly demanded a spiritual focus.

Actually, I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to be making a board this month.  I had a new piece of foamboard all ready to go, but I wasn’t finding images that spoke to me, and, now that the day had arrived, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to use that piece of foamboard after all.  Around 2:00 this afternoon, still without any ideas, I decided to take myself on a mini-artist date to get out of the house.  I went to my local Big Lots and poked around in their supply of inexpensive scrapbooking and art supplies, and came across this really cool pack of 8″ x 8″ printed (some foiled) card stock and a small package of quotes and wording on vellum punch-outs.  Those got the juices flowing.  It wasn’t long after I  got home that I finally felt in the zone I needed to be.

I pulled out the card stock and looked at the various prints, settling on the one I used because it looked like a mandala all on its own, and I felt that fit well with the Blessing Moon.  I thought about what blessings I would want to bestow upon myself and on the world around us, what my hopes were for myself and humanity.  There they were on the vellum punch outs:

  • Follow your heart.
  • Always have hope.
  • Enjoy the moment.

The picture was the last component I settled on.  I’d clipped out three of similar size and theme, but I ultimately settled on this one.  I liked how the center of the mandala framed her head, and that I could make the wording revolve around her.  Even though her limbs look tangled, her face looks happy and serene.

To me, this serves as a visual reminder to turn inward, listen to that still small voice inside, and follow my heart, to seek out the Divine and focus on my Spirit.  Part of following one’s heart, seeking out the Divine, and focusing on one’s Spirit, is always having hope and enjoying the moment.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this largely open-ended dreamboard leads me.

Under this full moon, may all of our dreams be blessed and begin coming to fruition.

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6 thoughts on “Sacred Life Sunday: Full Buck Moon (a.k.a. Blessing Moon) Dreamboard

  1. kelly

    I noticed how simple & clean your dreamboard was, but it’s message is very strong. I hope all your dreams come true.
    PS – I also think your dream board is beautiful!

  2. May all your dreams come to you & THANK YOU for allowing us all to see your dreamboard!!!

  3. Your dreamboard is really beautiful. It was very helpful to hear how you began to create your board. I have been stuck this month so an artist’s date with myself may be just the key to get me started on my board.

  4. How wonderful! This reminds me of a recent yoga session, we were encouraged to imagine a revolving circle of light emanating from the ‘third eye’ Your Dreamboard pretty much fits that experience and the words are perfect.

  5. Love it! It is beautiful in its simplicity and focus. May your dreams come true!

  6. hi, I’m over from Flock. I love this idea – I follow the moon phases and making a dreamboard I think would be just right for where I am right now.

    You have a lovely blog that I will look forward to returning to.You touch on many things that are close to my heart.

    Kimberley McGill

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