Saying Yes, Saying No: 10 Things Each

Inspired by Ronna Detrick’s post today on saying “no” over at Renegade Conversations,  I decided to share ten things I’m saying “No!” to and ten things I’m saying “Yes!” to.

Ten Things I’m Saying “No!” To:

  1. Spiritual materialism.   (I have all I need right here, right now.)
  2. Creative materialism.  (I have all I need right here, right now.)
  3. Taking on others’ drama.
  4. Saying “yes” to things solely to please others or avoid conflict.  (To paraphrase Gandhi.)
  5. Wallowing in fear.
  6. Wallowing in anxiety.
  7. Foods that make my body feel poorly (i.e. excessive sugar, deep-fried fast food, etc.).
  8. The urge to cruelly criticize my body’s appearance.
  9. The urge to castigate myself for not being “perfect” in non-body ways.
  10. The notion that I am incomplete or unloved because I have been and am single.

Ten Things I’m Saying “Yes!” To:

  1. Support from and uplifting conversations with others.
  2. Yoga asana practice at least 3 times per week.
  3. Beginning the day with a guided meditation.  (Mostly Vipassana this week, so far.)
  4. Epiphanies, large and small.
  5. The shifting and breaking up of fear and anxiety.
  6. Divine love.
  7. Creative urges.
  8. Spending less time online and more talking to friends, creating, and reading books and inspiring magazines.
  9. Foods that make me feel better, especially fresh fruit and vegetables.
  10. Letting go of some of the clutter in my space.  (Baby steps, baby steps…)

So, lovely reader, what are you saying “No!” to?  What are you giving a big ol’ “Yes!”?

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