Switch Off Sunday: Intentions to Go With the Flow

Goddess Leonie's Switch Off Sunday It’s that time of week again, time for participating in Goddess Leonie’s Switch Off Sunday.   The basic premise:  to spend all or part of the day away from the computer and internet, with or without a list of Glorious Possibilities.

This week, after I post this, I’m taking the rest of the day offline.  I’ve got some beautiful books I can dive into, some creative urges I can explore, a story/novel idea that came to me in a dream that I can flesh out; gorgeous, comforting, inspiring music to lose myself in; and I have a 1 GB MP3 player loaded with guided meditations, kirtan recordings, dharma talks, and other inspiring content.  At some point I know I will be writing in my paper journal.  I may watch a movie or two.   I may take my camera out for a spin.  I may drive up to the lake and stand knee-deep near the shore, just letting the breeze off the water whip around me.

So, as you see, lots of Glorious Possibilities for me today.  I don’t know what  I may get up to as the day goes on.  I’m just going to go with the flow, and doing only what I feel like doing.

Blessed Sunday, all!

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One thought on “Switch Off Sunday: Intentions to Go With the Flow

  1. I think I need to start doing switch off Sundays. Or pick some day to switch off in general. I feel I am getting addicted to technology, and that sort of thing can NOT be good.

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