Switch Off Sunday: Curling Up with Books & My Paper Journal

Goddess Leonie's Switch Off SundayIt’s Sunday, which means I’ll be participating in Goddess Leonie’s Switch Off Sunday.   The basic premise:  to spend all or part of the day away from the computer and/or the internet, with or without a list of Glorious Possibilities.  Thanks to the greatness of scheduled posting, I won’t be online at all today, as I am writing this on Saturday evening.

As for my plans for my Switch Off Sunday…

I have loads of beautiful books.  I am practically swimming in them.  Yet, lately, I’ve not been spending much time with them.   I’ve been spending much more time wandering aimlessly online. I buy these great books, sometimes I start them, but I haven’t been finishing them, and that’s not good.  That doesn’t feel like me.

I’ve also been feeling like writing more in my paper journal.  I’ve been experiencing some internal shifts lately, and the best way for me to process and clarify these shifts, to really mine the gold from them–as is usually the case–is to write about them in my paper journal first, before I share them with anyone.

Therefore, my intention is to spend the day with the books I’m currently reading and my paper journal, possibly with music as companion.

What would you do if you switched off your computer for an hour or more this Sunday?  What’s keeping you from doing it?

Have a blessed Sunday, dear readers!

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One thought on “Switch Off Sunday: Curling Up with Books & My Paper Journal

  1. If I switched my computer off all day on Sunday I wouldn’t get to read these. 🙂 Haha I am going to switch off soon and do some reading, I think. Thanks for the inspiration!

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