Full Sturgeon Moon Dreamboard

Full Sturgeon Moon Dreamboard, August 24, 2010

Full Sturgeon Moon Dreamboard, August 24, 2010

It’s the Full Sturgeon Moon tonight, and that means it’s time again for full moon dreamboards hosted by Jamie Ridler Studios.  (See mine above.)

In her new moon post earlier this month, Jamie shared with us a bit about the significance of this month’s full moon:

“Let’s think about the energy we’ll be experiencing under August’s Full Sturgeon Moon in Pisces! Look at that fish influence. That doesn’t mean that things are “fishy” but rather that there are shining, glimmering, messages just under the surface, in the waters of our intuition, and now is a beautiful time to notice them, to pay attention. This will be a powerful time to let our dreamboards speak to us, to let our inner guidance system choose the images so we can sit back and look at what’s stirring within.”

I did actually end up choosing and placing my images based largely on intuition.  I wasn’t trying too hard to choose something to focus on.  I was more interested in seeing what jumped out at me.  For the quotes and wording, it had to feel right above all else.

So, first impressions of this month’s dreamboard…

The bottom center picture of the diver at an underwater cave’s mouth reminds me of something SARK frequently says in her books, that you should explore your dark places with a flashlight.  Water is often seen as symbolic of emotions and the unconscious, so I think I may be plumbing my depths with a flashlight in the coming month.  And, in small print in the bottom left-hand corner is written: “Peer into the unknown and you find yourself face to face with possibility–and potential.”  Very interesting.  A bit foreboding, but also exciting.

I love the center top image, as well.  Doesn’t the woman in the picture look so happy and carefree?  In small print by her hip it says, “Exceed expectations.”  That sounds juicy.  Glued on top of that is a stone and on top of that are these words: “Vulnerability brings trust.  Trust brings opportunity.”  I think that is likely my touchstone for the month.

To the viewer’s left of the diver and cave image is an image of a woman standing in a field, and she is flowers from the waist up.  This totally reminds me of the drawing Elizabeth Gilbert received on her first trip to Bali from Ketut Liyer, the one that set off her year-long adventure chronicled in Eat, Pray, Love.  Eeek!  Also its surrealism reminds me to pay attention to my dreams, as they often speak in such surreal images.

The picture of the woman reading under a tree is capped with the words “reading room.”  I haven’t been making very much time for reading books lately, and it is one of my favorite things to do.  I’ll make more room for that this month.

There’s a water lily toward the bottom right of the board.  That is the flower representative of my birth month, and it has generally served as a reminder to me that, though I may be standing (rooted) in muck, I can float above it on the clean, clear surface of the water.  (And another water related image, appropriate for this full moon.)

There’s an image of a woman meditating glued on top of an image of a garden, and, above her head, I glued these words, “Lead with your heart, not your ego.”  I’ve recently begun meditating in the morning instead of in the evening, because I kept skipping out on it if I waited until evening due to procrastination.  It also makes my days more manageable, emotionally.  As for the words, appropriately enough, Sunday I started making that morning meditation Metta, where you start with yourself and extend compassion then to someone you like or love, then to someone you feel neutral about, then to someone who annoys you, then to someone you find it difficult to be with, then to all beings everywhere.  I’ve found it very powerful, and I think doing that in the morning is a good translation into action of “Lead with your heart, not your ego.”

I had to include some autumnal images, because fall is swiftly approaching and it’s my favorite season.  Also, on the one on the far left, there’s a quote from Tama J. Kieves, part of which reads, “Autumn is a festival of casting off jewels and color–and an unmistakable invitation to a new life.”  Again, exciting!  A little scary, but exciting.

The pottery-in-process is catching my eye, too, as well as the words glued to that image, “Crafting Happiness.”  Funny, that.  Perhaps that’s the forecast for what will result from taking Mondo Beyondo.  I’m signed up for the session that begins this coming Monday, and I’m looking forward to it.

I like that all the people on the board look happy or content.  That is always a good sign, no?

There is just so much to look at and take in!  I think I’ll have to spend some  more time with it and see what plays out in the coming month to grasp it all.

That said, it’s getting late for me.  I’m going to go take a bath and get ready for bed.  I hope to see and send well-wishes toward everyone’s dreamboards tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “Full Sturgeon Moon Dreamboard

  1. I love your dream board. It is so energizing. Thanks for sharing. I also appreciate the way you shared about what it is meaning to you. I hope you are well steeped in it come the next full moon.

  2. Gorgeous, evocative dreamboard, Rebekah. I resonate with your “reading room” and so many of the images. May you find your time to read and dive deep (with a flashlight!)

  3. What a beautiful board – so nourishing, so free, so vibrant and alive! And I loved reading your thoughts on each aspect of the board – it seems beautiful practices and explorations are stirring!

    May all of your dreams come true!

  4. I really enjoyed your dreamboard. The colours remind me of late summer evenings when the sunlight has a rich, warm glow.

  5. I love all the fabulously strong and wonderful women in your dreamboard! Yes, very much alive and active, wonderful!

    Thank you so much for your wish and for the link. Looks like I am going to need to get some water soluble oils, I had no idea such a thing existed!

  6. Energizing dream board.

  7. What a lovely dreamboard – full of special images.
    May all your dreams be fulfilled this month!

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