Bowl Full of Encouragement + Other Inspiration

This past Friday, as part of the Mondo Beyondo lesson we were given a set of affirmation cards to print out.  It was suggested that we put them in a bowl or other receptacle and place them somewhere we’d see them every day.  Then, if we wanted, we could share a photo.  Here are mine:

My Mondo Beyondo affirmation cards in their bowl on my altar in my room.

My Mondo Beyondo affirmation cards in their bowl on my altar in my room.

You may notice they’re not in that bowl alone.  Having been given that assignment, I also printed out some inspirational quote cards that were mailing list goodies from Magpie Girl, and a set of Kind Over Matter quote cards, which you can find here.  I had already downloaded both, but hadn’t printed them on card stock because I didn’t feel I had a place to put them.  Not so anymore.

Having a little extra inspirational oomph to see every day has been, and I think will be, a good thing. 🙂

Other inspiring things in recent days:

  1. Mumford & Sons’ Sigh No More: I cannot rave about this album enough!  It is unbelievably good, bolstering one in even the crappiest of moods.  (Or me, anyway.)  Particularly inspiring for me are the title track, plus “The Cave,” “Roll Away Your Stone,” and “Timshel.”
  2. Alice Hoffman’s The Probable Future:  It’s a beautiful, complex novel predominately about how Fate and Destiny can change with every turn our lives take and every decision we make.
  3. And The Next Chapter’s Phase II trip through The Happy Book is bringing so much inspiration and fun into photography for me, both last week and this week.  (If only my camera were functioning this week!)

What’s inspiring you these days?

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One thought on “Bowl Full of Encouragement + Other Inspiration

  1. The Probable Future is my all-time favourite book. I think it is the perfect contemporary novel. Your cards are so cute and I am sorry to hear that you are having camera problems too!!!

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