‘The Happy Book’: Gratitude

This week, in The Next Chapter‘s tour through The Happy Book, it’s all about gratitude.  The activity as printed suggests actually writing thank you notes, but I haven’t had time this week to do that, nor do I feel entirely comfortable sharing them publicly, so I’m doing something a little different…

Dear Camera,

Thank you for working again.  I missed you so, so much.


Dear Photography,

Thank you for making me stop and take notice of the myriad small, everyday, but beautiful things…Things like this:

Magenta chrysanthemum. Taken 9/15/2010. Canon PowerShot A 1100 IS, Portrait mode, macro setting.

Magenta chrysanthemum. Taken 9/15/2010.


Dear Patanjali,

Thank you for writing down what you knew about yoga, and for teaching.  I am so grateful it survived all these centuries between your time and mine, as it simply makes life better, which I’m sure you knew.


Dear Mom,

Thank you for the awesome walnut fudge you brought back for me from your mini-vacation.  It is wonderfully rich and tasty, and, as such, automatically inspires moderation, something I’ve recently been lacking when it comes to sweets.


Dear Self-Control,

Thank you for looking out for me.  Because of you I met yet another savings goal this week.  Hooray!  And we will not celebrate by going on a spending spree, but by going to hang out at the lake this weekend with some books, a journal, and my camera.


Dear Car (a.k.a. Daisy Blue):

Thank you for getting me to and from work every day, and everywhere else I need to go.  I promise I will clean you up tomorrow.  I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting that.  And next week I’ll put you in the shop for an oil change and check-up.


Dear Kittens,

Thank you for the love you bestow and laughs you inspire every single day.  I love your little furry faces!


I could go on and on and on, but I think I’ll stop here.  It has been, despite some emotional dips and quietude on my part, a happy week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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6 thoughts on “‘The Happy Book’: Gratitude

  1. What a great idea! We always think of thank yous as going to people – but we can be thank ful for so many things!

  2. I love all ur little notes. But my mouth started watering at the word fudge. Yum. I have not had any for quit some time. It was a true pleasure to stop by here today. Have a great Week. : )

  3. Aw! What a lovely idea! There are so many things we should be thankful for and to and most of the time we just don’t think at all. Thank you for reminding me of that!

  4. I loved your post. Your flower is absolutely beautiful. I am so glad your camera is working again.

  5. Thanks for sharing your gratitude. I especially liked the thanks for the fudge (I would never have found moderation in that) and your thank you to your self-control. Again, wish I had more of that!

  6. Your little thank you notes put a smile on my face. Great idea!

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