Wishcasting Wednesday: Celebrate!

It’s Wednesday, meaning it’s time for Wishcasting hosted by Jamie Ridler at Jamie Ridler StudiosThis week, Jamie asks:

What do you wish to celebrate?

This is perfect timing, because in the past week I have taken some tangible steps toward telling a creative dream, “I see you.  I hear you.  I believe in you.”

Back in September, Jamie wrote a post entitled, “Do You Call Yourself An Artist?”  This inspired me to write my own “Declaration of Artistry,” in which, among other things, I said:

“If I could only dedicate myself to one creative endeavor for the rest of my life, it would be photography.”

In the past week, I’ve taken the first tentative, tangible steps toward pursuing the possibility of becoming a photographer, which, coincidentally, also cropped up as a dream on my Mondo Beyondo list when I took the course.

First, I followed through on something my Muse had been begging me to do for over a month.  I started a photography blog.

Then, I dove into Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters’ Guide to Shooting from the Heart.  It’s such a beautiful book, and their approach to photography truly resonates with me.  There are technical examples and suggestions, but also lots of juicy thoughts on what happens in the photographer’s mind and heart while composing a shot along with creative prompts.  I’m happily soaking it in.

And, finally, after much dithering about it in recent weeks due to the cost, I woke up Saturday morning and decided it was time to bring home my first DSLR kit.  I got up, told my Dad about how I’d been dreaming about holding that camera and making beautiful pictures with it for a long time, and all night long the night before.  He was supportive, and went with me so my gremlins and miserly tendencies couldn’t talk me out of it.  Here it is:

Me, holding my new camera baby, a Canon EOS Rebel XS with EF-S 18-55 mm IS lens.

Me, holding my new camera baby, a Canon EOS Rebel XS with EF-S 18-55 mm IS lens.

There’s a learning curve to moving from my point-and-shoot which has, by now, become like an extension of my hands and goes with me everywhere, but I’m up to the challenge.  Right now, I’m reading the manual and familiarizing myself with it.

And, finally, I’m currently selecting photographs to enter in the amateur division of a local photography contest that’s coming up the Friday after Thanksgiving.  I’m having trouble deciding which ones to enter, but I’m gradually narrowing it down.  I think I have a good chance.  Fingers crossed.

I am just feeling so radiantly happy in my creative life, and so much less frightened about the future.  I finally feel like things are looking up, like I’m stepping into myself, and like I have a calling of sorts.  The feelings of directionlessness are fading a little more every day, and along with them fear and the attacks of not-good-enough.

I wish to celebrate all these things.

What do you wish to celebrate, dear reader?  Whatever you wish, know that, in spirit, I am celebrating right along with you. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Wishcasting Wednesday: Celebrate!

  1. Congratulations on your very first DSLR!! The Canon Rebel is an excellent camera that you will come to love and cherish as much as your old point and shoot camera buddy-I’m really excited for you! Keep working on attaining your dreams, you’re on the right path to listening to yourself and I have no doubt you’ll creat beautiful pictures. As you wish for yourself, so do I happily wish for you as well!

  2. good for you! big, important steps in support of your dream…definitely cause for celebration! as you wish for yourself, i wish for you also.

  3. I love how you are moving from being inspired by Jamie’s artist statement to making that a reality in your life. There is a kind of spinning into actuality that seems to be happening. As Rebekah wishes for herself, so I also wish for her.

  4. How exciting! I also love photography and have been getting ready to buy a DSLR. It’s wonderful to dive into the creative life and take those risks! As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also.

  5. wonderful post. i am so glad that you are stepping into yourself.
    As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also.
    Lynna G

  6. Congratulations on your new ‘baby’. What a great thing to celebrate…and the fact that you are moving forward with your dream. Glad you had a place to tell the world! And so cool you had your dad for support, too! Yeah! As Rebekah wishes for herself, I wish also for her.

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