Things I Wish Everyone Recognized

The state of the world at the moment is troubling to me.

The country I live in is polarized, politically and otherwise, with each side demonizing the other.

Young people are committing suicide because people can’t stop telling each other that there’s something inherently wrong with them, can’t stop bullying each other because they’re different.

The institutions we’re inclined to look to to find peace and answers, such as religions, are criticizing each other, and some are even fighting amongst themselves with rival factions, each proclaiming themselves the holders of the Absolute Truth.

I just want to press “pause” on it all.  I want to make everyone listen to a few things I have to say, things I wish everyone recognized.

First, I want everyone to listen when I say that no one believes as they do because they think they’re wrong.

No one loves who they love because they think or feel it’s wrong.

No one person or institution has the answer to all the world’s problems.  (I don’t.  I only know what is pouring forth from my heart as my fingers move across the keyboard.)

Every vision of how our nations should be run has its pros and cons.

Everyone should be allowed to be themselves, without being verbally abused, physically abused, or otherwise punished so long as they do no harm to others.  (Existence is not harm to others.)  Even if someone does harm others, abuse should still be out of the question, as it is likely abuse that led them to harm others.

We are all human, and we’re all in this country and on this planet together.  We may not agree with each other all of the time, or even most of it, but we need to learn to live together.  We may get frustrated with each other.  That’s okay.  We’re all different, and no one is perfect by the standards we use to judge perfection.  We may not understand why someone is different from us, but we need to try to walk a mile in their shoes, and, if that doesn’t work, just accept that this is one of life’s great and wonderful mysteries.  Agree to disagree.

In some moments it may be more difficult than others to hold all of these things with open hands and open hearts, but we owe it to ourselves and each other to try, and to try again and again and again, as many tries as are necessary.

We owe ourselves and each other forgiveness for our perceived failures and offenses.

We owe it to ourselves, to each other, and to all of our descendants to try to make the world a better, more peaceful place.

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One thought on “Things I Wish Everyone Recognized

  1. lisa

    Here, here!!!

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