Full Cold Moon Dreamboard

My Full Cold Moon Dreamboard (December 21, 2010)

My Full Cold Moon Dreamboard (December 21, 2010)

1. The Heart Of Life, 2. Happiness, 3. Call of the Raven (formerly Nature’s Special Effects), 4. ~~ TRUST ~~, 5. Ganesh 2010 preparations, 6. Balance, 7. Resting, 8. Rest is Not Idleness, 9. SPIRIT

Tonight is the Full Cold Moon, earlier this morning there was a full Lunar Eclipse, and it’s also the Winter Solstice.  It’s an excellent time for dreamboarding with the circle led by Jamie Ridler at her online home, Jamie Ridler Studios.

When I turned my attention to making this dreamboard, I didn’t find what I was looking for in the magazines I had.  I thought about holding off, but with so much power behind it, I thought about what would help me out of this funk I’ve fallen into lately,  and used Mosaic Maker in conjunction with Flickr.  Mainly, I just looked through Flickr, seeing what caught my eye.  A few times I typed in a word or phrase to see what cropped up.

So what do I see here as hopes for the month ahead?

I see light,  joy, whimsy, trust, obstacles removed, spirit, balance, rest, and an opening to the season.

What would your month ahead look like?  Commit your vision to physical form or pixels and join in the circle!

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4 thoughts on “Full Cold Moon Dreamboard

  1. You’re so right about the poser of this moon. Love the choices you made – looks like 2011 will be opening up well for you!

  2. So much peace and opening here. Lovely!

  3. toliveinspired

    This is really beautiful , I wish this for you.. happy holidays

  4. A really beautiful board and thoughts for the coming month. May your holidays bring all you wish for.

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