Belated Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard


(Belated) Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard

(Belated) Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard


When the full moon hit last week, and others in the circle hosted by Jamie Ridler made their dreamboards, I was completely uninspired and in no frame of mind to try to formulate a bright vision for the next month.  It was one of those instances of being in an emotional dip, one where I just wanted to wallow a while.

And I did wallow a while in that dip.

Then, I started thinking about the theme of this moon.  What am I hungry for?

Finally, yesterday a vision of the thing popped into my head.  I pulled out the piece of printed card stock that forms the background and went to work.

I wrote about being in a lull last week.  I think that has made me hungry for more creativity and creative endeavors.

Bring it on!

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One thought on “Belated Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard

  1. I love your Dreamboard! It’s simplicity is so appealing and yet it says so much.
    I was a little late in making my dreamboard too, the day after full moon it finally came together. I wasn’t going to post it because it was so late, but since you did, so will I!
    Thanks for sharing, it would have been a shame not to have seen yours.
    Wishing all you dreams come true.

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