A What-If Experiment

Since returning to Internet usage after my week away, I’ve been quiet here.

I experienced, as it turns out, a bit of  the I-have-nothing-worthwhile-to-say blues.

That’s not entirely true.  It’s just that the worthwhile things I had to say didn’t seem like blog posts.  They seemed more like Facebook statuses, which is where they ended up being shared with others.

Such as:

“This morning, writing Morning Pages, I realized that I’m already sitting in the middle of the things I’m most afraid of when it comes to moving forward.  It’s really just a matter of degrees and familiarity making the difference.  I’m left feeling a bit teary, but also lighter.” — Facebook status, March 3, 2011


“I am finding that life is easier if, in difficult moments, you can have the presence of mind to pause, breathe, step back, and look at the situation from the outside as a more objective observer.  It’s a lot easier, that way, to separate out which feelings/dramas are mine and which belong to other people, which leads to less loss of temper and less stress.  Totally a work-in-progress, though.” — Facebook status, March 7, 2011

But what qualifies as a blog post?  As usual, I think it’s how I define a blog post that’s the problem, much as it used to be with the very narrow way I defined creativity.

What if I let my blog posts be shorter and more concise?  What if I just show up, bring up the text box, and see what comes, then, if I like it, post it?  What if I let captioned photos tell the story?  What if I allowed pure whimsy to move me?

I’ll soon be launching my own little experiment in answering those questions.

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3 thoughts on “A What-If Experiment

  1. Ooooh exciting! 🙂 I am trying to say more on my blog, too, which nearly always leads to having to write shorter entries. Maybe we’ll just do a “tweets greater than 140 characters” theme to the blog. 🙂

  2. Katie

    Hi Rebekah,

    I love what you say about stepping back:
    “It’s a lot easier, that way, to separate out which feelings/dramas are mine and which belong to other people, which leads to less loss of temper and less stress.”

    I’ve been learning a wonderful lesson from my accupuncturist. She talks about how the immune system’s job is to sort and discriminate: “Mine. Not mine.” She’s teaching me that this is true energetically too. As a fairly porous, empathetic person, it’s so good for me to step back and check in when I’m absorbing someone else’s energy of sadness or agitation: Mine? Not mine. I like it!

    Be well and enjoy your little bits!

    Katie (from Flock)

  3. Hi Rebekah…great blog. Like you, I too was saying “what if” yesterday, thinking about a possible post for my blog: what if, going to work, I viewed it as my first day on the job; how much more “on my game” I’d be. And what if, at work, I associated with my co-workers in a new way, putting my best foot forward, making sure my expression was what it really could be, so that our associations could be as creative as possible. Of course, experience is very valuable, but we’re constantly blessed with opportunities for new beginnings, and that includes seeing new possibilities, as you mention above. By the way, I’m shortening up my posts too! Take care.

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