Full Worm Moon Dreamboard

Full Worm Moon Dreamboard

Full Worm Moon Dreamboard

1. yellow & blue, 2. hand-writing, 3. Clothesline, 4. spring

It’s the Full Moon, which means I sat down today to make a dreamboard alongside others in the dreamboarding circle hosted every month by Jamie Ridler at Jamie Ridler Studios.

When magazine clippings weren’t calling to me, I decided to use Mosaic Maker with Flickr.

It’s the Full Worm Moon, about which Jamie says:

“When I first heard the phrase ‘Full Worm Moon,’ I was less than enthusiastic, but as I discovered that this March moon is when the earth starts to soften and the burrowers of her soil find their way to the surface, I started to change my mind. What if we took our cue from spring and allowed ourselves to soften?”

I’ve been craving spaciousness, both internal and external, which is why I included the larger photo of the girl in the open field of flowers, arms outstretched.  Since external spaciousness, for me, would require a good spring cleaning, I included the image of the clothesline. Creating this spaciousness will require me to soften my grip on things that no longer serve me, to let go of the constant “need” to be busy, and to be gentle with myself during that process.

If I softened, words would find their way to the surface to be written, hence the image of the pen and notebook.

Finally, I can’t not celebrate the official start of Spring tomorrow, or notice that daffodils are blooming all over.   I can’t help softening into the season, with the return of warmth and color.

These are the things I am dreaming of for the lunar month ahead.  What about you?  What are you dreaming of?

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10 thoughts on “Full Worm Moon Dreamboard

  1. Lovely images. Definately feeling spacious! Jacs x

  2. Your picture makes it look like you are open and receptive to all. May all your dreams come true.

  3. May all the dream come true. I love the clarity and focus in your board.

  4. Marie

    Mmm, spring to life! May your full moon dreams come true to you.

  5. Spaciousness…may your full moon dreams come true!

  6. Love your images. So simple, yet profound and symbolic of this exciting season of growth and blooming ahead. May your dreams come true.

  7. beautiful in its simplicity….. may spaciousness find its way to you in magical ways….

  8. Mmmm yummy.

    I want to crawl into your collage and live there until the rain and cold in Provo takes a hike.

  9. Genevieve

    Beautiful! I am inspired by your open armed welcome of Spring 🙂

    May all your full moon dreams come true!

  10. may all your beautiful dreams be realized…. in a large expanse of creativity and gentleness!… i am dreaming of blooming…

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