Switch-Off Sunday: Renewing the Practice

Fairy, sunshine, stillness.

Fairy, sunshine, stillness.

After months off, I am feeling the need to renew the practice of Switch Off Sunday, inspired by Goddess Leonie.   Switch Off Sundays entail, basically, spending all or part of the day away from the computer and/or the internet, with or without a list of Glorious Possibilities.

I’ve been spending a lot of my Sundays wandering aimlessly around the internet and doing anything but paying much attention to truly nourishing my spirit.  I need that nourishment; I miss it.  Therefore, change to what has become the normal routine must come.

So, shortly after I post this, I’ll be leaving the online world for the rest of the day.  What will happen instead?  I don’t know.  I’m simply going to play it by ear, seeing what feels best from moment to moment, but that photo up there captures the mood I’m going for.

May all find rest and nourishment today.

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One thought on “Switch-Off Sunday: Renewing the Practice

  1. I really like this image. An Angelic fairy so pure and happy, yet here slight broken, dirty and forgotten. Excellent

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