This blog began with an Aha! Moment.

Then things started shifting, and a focus was born.

The shifting and focusing continue.  I tell stories about what happened after that Aha! Moment, and chronicle thoughts on spirituality, creative pursuits, and life in general.

This is a peek inside my life.  Sometimes it’s messy.  Sometimes it’s peaceful.  Sometimes it’s boring.  Every now and then I have another Aha! Moment, like this one or this one.  Sometimes it’s my still port in a storm.

I have joined in blogging circles with others: Sacred Life Sunday, The Next Chapter, Wishcasting Wednesdays, Full Moon Dreamboardswriting through Jen Lee’s Take Me With You: A Journal for the Journey, and, most recently, 21.5.800.

If you care about such things as demographics, let me give you a few:  I’m 26 years old.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, having graduated with honors in 2006.  I can currently best be described as “spiritual, but not religious”, since I’m in the process of exploring belief systems and spiritual practices.  I am a renaissance soul, daughter, sister, friend, lover of chocolate, books, and all things creative and spiritual.

Welcome to a little slice of my world!  Come in.  Sit a while.  Share your responses or stories if you’re so inclined. 🙂

*Updated 8/5/2010

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One thought on “About

  1. Kind of wandered into your blog…Great stuff!

    I am currently a spiritual seeker too. Sometimes it’s not so easy.

    Keep up the good words!

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