Verbal Snapshots


Night's hush descending. 12/29/11. Canon A3300 IS.

Night's hush descending. 12/29/11. Canon A3300 IS.

I’ve been silent in this space two days past a month.  Putting 2011 to bed took a lot of energy, and stirred up a lot of emotions.  The dawning of 2012 has been much the same, taking a lot of energy, and stirring up a lot of emotions.

Energy and emotions have flown fast and free, but words and images are scarce.  The photograph above, while not perfect, was the first thing I’d felt like photographing in weeks at the time, one taken on the fly as I ran out after dinner for pre-New Year’s errands.

The truth is, I’m still processing.  I’m still processing how 2011 ended, and still feeling my way into 2012.

I hope to find words soon.  Until then, I will sink in and savor the quiet.

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A Reminder…

Pampas grass in the wind. Canon Rebel XS & EF-S 55-250 mm IS. 10/15/2011

I am not my job.

I am not the contents of my bank account, or, in the eyes of some, the lack thereof.

I am not the roles I inhabit on the stage of the day: secretary, daughter, friend, academic, or, depending on who you ask, bitch.

I AM, or at least part of me is…The spark in the center where a heart beats and breath flows as a smooth breeze if I let it…The part that speaks in intuitive whispers, even when it encourages my voice to roar…The part that knows no time, that sees beauty in the mundane, that notices Nature’s signals, that sees through to souls, that feels compassion, that never stops dreaming and hoping, that drives the urge to create, that seeks pockets of peace and stillness, and that animates this body.

I am THAT.  Ham-sa, as some are taught to recite, or, others, So-hum.  I am THAT.  You are THAT.  We are all a little piece of THAT, The Divine That-Which-Is-Bigger-Than-Us.

“So breathe,” I remind myself, and you.  “Who you are is so much more than the present circumstance.”

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Autumn Leaves and Light

Autumn Leaves and Light: Golden Yellow

Autumn Leaves and Light: Red and Orange

The light was gorgeous this afternoon in the magic time about an hour before the sun began to set, so I had to bring my camera out to play, to capture it and the bits of color still hanging onto the trees of the neighborhood before they’re all bare.

The sun’s warmth spread against my skin like a blanket, and a light, warm breeze intermittently tousled my hair as I wandered entranced, seeing the world through my viewfinder.

A few minutes immersed in such beauty can feel like forever suspended in warmth and stillness.

Somehow, when I manage to let go and allow myself to simply see, I always seem to find exactly what I need.

Note: Photos taken with my trusty Canon Rebel XS and my new Canon EF-S 55-250 mm IS lens.

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