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Thanksgiving Gratitude

Turkey figurine. Taken 11/23/11.

Take 11/23/2011 with the Toy Camera feature on my new Canon A 3300 IS.

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow U.S. dwellers! (Everyone else, I hope you had or are having a nice day.)

I feel off-kilter at the moment because my family isn’t celebrating until tomorrow due to the work schedules of some of us.  That said, to preserve the day as it was intended when it became a national holiday, I’m taking a few minutes to be publicly grateful.

I am strangely grateful to my most recent job for putting my back against the wall on a (nearly) daily basis, thereby forcing me to locate my metaphorical backbone and put it to use.  Also, it is pushing me to my edge in mindfulness and compassion practice, making me face my shadow, and acting as a catalyst for further clarifying what I truly want to do with my life, little by little.  It’s not pleasant, but sometimes the teachings we need aren’t.

I am grateful for family and friends, and for my co-workers-who-have-become-friends, without whom my life would feel empty.

I am grateful to have a warm home, a “just right” bed to sleep in, and that all my other basic needs met.

I am grateful for every beautiful and/or interesting thing I capture with my camera, for the power in all the arts, and that the arts persist, that people still hear the call to create and make those creations available.

There are so many things I am grateful for, this is just a taste.

Now, time to get offline and sink into the restfulness afforded by a long weekend, something else for which I’m grateful!

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‘The Happy Book’: Gratitude

This week, in The Next Chapter‘s tour through The Happy Book, it’s all about gratitude.  The activity as printed suggests actually writing thank you notes, but I haven’t had time this week to do that, nor do I feel entirely comfortable sharing them publicly, so I’m doing something a little different…

Dear Camera,

Thank you for working again.  I missed you so, so much.


Dear Photography,

Thank you for making me stop and take notice of the myriad small, everyday, but beautiful things…Things like this:

Magenta chrysanthemum. Taken 9/15/2010. Canon PowerShot A 1100 IS, Portrait mode, macro setting.

Magenta chrysanthemum. Taken 9/15/2010.


Dear Patanjali,

Thank you for writing down what you knew about yoga, and for teaching.  I am so grateful it survived all these centuries between your time and mine, as it simply makes life better, which I’m sure you knew.


Dear Mom,

Thank you for the awesome walnut fudge you brought back for me from your mini-vacation.  It is wonderfully rich and tasty, and, as such, automatically inspires moderation, something I’ve recently been lacking when it comes to sweets.


Dear Self-Control,

Thank you for looking out for me.  Because of you I met yet another savings goal this week.  Hooray!  And we will not celebrate by going on a spending spree, but by going to hang out at the lake this weekend with some books, a journal, and my camera.


Dear Car (a.k.a. Daisy Blue):

Thank you for getting me to and from work every day, and everywhere else I need to go.  I promise I will clean you up tomorrow.  I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting that.  And next week I’ll put you in the shop for an oil change and check-up.


Dear Kittens,

Thank you for the love you bestow and laughs you inspire every single day.  I love your little furry faces!


I could go on and on and on, but I think I’ll stop here.  It has been, despite some emotional dips and quietude on my part, a happy week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Gratitude, Weekend Plans, A Loose End, & Sundry Goodness

Today, I ended up with a catch-all post consisting of a shot of gratitude, Labor Day Weekend plans, tying a loose end, and following up on things I’ve talked about in previous posts.

A Shot of Gratitude

In the U.S., this weekend is Labor Day Weekend.  What that means is, that most of us 40-hours-per-week, Monday-through-Friday office folks have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off work.  It’s also generally considered the last big, fun weekend of summer.

As for me, today is my Friday this week.  In an uncharacteristic move, my boss decided we’d be closed Friday and Monday.  To that I say, as is common locally in such instances, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

Four day weekend, here I come!  I am so, so grateful for the free time!

Weekend Plans

I’m planning to use my long weekend mostly for filling the well, taking naps as I please, and getting a few chores around the house that I haven’t found the time for out of the way (like washing my car so I can see out of it, and getting the mud out of it that got tracked in after the last round of rain).

My Mom is hosting the usual family cookout on Saturday, so there’s that.

The rest is wide open possibility. 🙂

The Loose End: Signing Up For Another E-course, Power Stories

I know I said in earlier posts I was going to do only one e-course at this point, but last night I decided to pick up another.

You see, there’s this other one that I really want to take in the near future, and that I really think I’d benefit from, Power Stories: Tips and Tales for Standing In Your Own Power, created by Rachelle Mee-Chapman of Magpie Girl.

I really was concerned about the time commitment issue of taking two courses, but yesterday those fears were cleared up.  I found out, via Rachelle’s latest post on the subject, that Power Stories is structured such that I can save all the materials until I have time for them, and that I can work through them at my own pace.  Hallelujah!

The thing is, I have the money now.  I may not have the money later, depending on how things go in the next little while.  So I jumped.  I’m not going to press myself for time, but I don’t want to miss the boat on something really good, either.  For me, this is a win-win situation.

Also, if you find yourself reading this, and are interested in taking Power Stories but your main concern is budget, Rachelle is offering a pay-what-you-will option through this Friday, September 3rd, so hurry over here for the details!

General Follow-Up

A couple of recent Wishcasting posts are already manifesting.

I’m gestating several ideas for stories and novels right now.  Last week I wrote a scene from one of them out, but it still needs a little more time before it’s ready for me to get down to business.  I’m not feeling as scared or perfectionistic about the process as I was.  Perhaps something will start rolling along on that front this weekend.  You never know!

Too, I have been spending more time reading actual, hold-in-your-hand books.  It feels wonderful.

That said, I have a few things to get done here before my long weekend starts.   I’ll be back tomorrow with my first post for The Next Chapter’s trip through The Happy Book, which will also double as a special, fun Friday Photo post!

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Sacred Life Sunday: Gratitude for Rain

Raindrops on a long leaf

Raindrops on greenery. Canon PowerShot A 1100 IS, portrait mode, macro setting.

First, some words from Rumi I remembered while saving this photo to my hard drive:

“You are the fountain of the sun’s light.
“I am a willow shadow on the ground.
“You make my raggedness silky.

“The soul at dawn is like darkened water
“that slowly begins to say Thank you, thank you.”
–Rumi, “Sublime Generosity,” The Essential Rumi, trans. by Coleman Barks, p. 137

Rain came this weekend, in gentle showers, in wind-driven downpours, in mists, with and without thunder and lightning.   Now and then, it abated, the sun came through the clouds and for a little while everything glistened.  Not that it didn’t glisten with the cloud-muted light as well.

I am grateful for the rain.  We’re in a drought, and getting ready to set out plants and more seeds in our family garden.  Also, it made it possible for me to take this beautiful shot.

Thank you, thank you, Rain.

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A Few Awesome Things So Far Today

Inspired by the blog 1000 Awesome Things (which I found via this post, which post I found through a web of blog-hopping), I thought I’d make a list of a few awesome things so far today:

  1. Sleeping through my alarm clock due to earplugs, but only being ten minutes later than usual to get out of bed, and perfectly on time for work.
  2. Savoring a big ol’ mug of General Foods International French Vanilla Cafe first thing upon waking.  Maybe not the most healthful way to start the day, but it certainly is a delicious one, and much more reasonable than going somewhere else to pick up a french vanilla coffee when the craving hits.
  3. Listening to His & Hers, a mostly upbeat mix CD I found in the sale bin at Wal-Mart for $7.00 a few weeks ago–particularly Goldfrapp’s track “Ooh La La“–while getting ready for work.  Just try to sit still and be in a bad mood with that song playing!  I dare you!
  4. The parking lot at work is still accessible despite sidewalk destruction/construction between it and the street, so no parking on the street or in the city lot for me.  (Made extra awesome since it’s now raining.)
  5. The phone has been rather quiet so far, in contrast to yesterday’s busy-ness.
  6. I had an organic baby spinach salad to go alongside my Lean Cuisine entree for lunch.
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