Word of the Year: 2010

Happy New Year, everyone!

For a while now, I’ve known I would declare a Word of the Year for 2010.  You see, a guiding word is, the theory goes, easier to live up to, and ultimately deeper and more meaningful, than the traditional to-do list of resolutions, which, let’s face it, most of us break before March.  I know that I usually at least falter on them by March, and that, by year’s end, if I haven’t forgotten about them completely, I’ve only applied them sporadically.  So, I am still not sure about making resolutions or setting more specific intentions this year.  I’m mulling that over as I work through the lovely workbook and planner I purchased and printed out yesterday.  But, I do have my guiding word for 2010, and it is….Drumroll please…


Blooming Spring Rose

Photo Credit:  “Blooming Spring Rose” by Surrealize on Flickr.More specifically, I’m using the second definition of the verb form of “bloom” as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary:

“2. a: (1) to mature into achievement of one’s potential (2) to flourish in youthful beauty, freshness, or excellence b: to shine out: glow”

A quote I’d heard many times before swam through my head for most of December, any time I thought about 2009 ending and 2010 beginning.  You may recognize it:

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anais Nin

So, every time I thought about declaring my Word of the Year for 2010, “bloom” kept popping into my head.  Just to make sure it would be my word, I looked it up, and the aforementioned definitions are exactly what I want for this year.

I do want to achieve my potential, to flourish, and to glow.  I want my life to do the same.  Any resolutions I may or may not make, any specific intentions I may or may not set, will revolve around these ultimate goals and guiding concepts.

Here I go…Stepping forward into 2010 with optimism, if a bit cautiously.  Here I go…Readying myself to bloom.

Note:  The workbook and planner I mentioned above is Goddess Leonie Allan’s 2010: Creating My Goddess Year: A Complete Workbook & Planner to Dream, Plan & Grow Your Gorgeous Year.    It is so gorgeous and colorful, and, if you’re having trouble setting intentions and goals for the year or releasing 2009, I recommend it! 🙂  Update:  Now you can see a few of the bits of said workbook and planner that I’ve filled out.

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5 thoughts on “Word of the Year: 2010

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  2. Hooray!

    BLOOM is perfect for you 🙂

    I look forward to watching the splendor unfold!

  3. Bloom is fabulous!! And I just ordered my own Goddess workbook for 2010 from Leonie!!
    I can’t wait!

  4. Kim Gilligan

    Have been working on the workbook for 3 days now. It’s fun and I think it’s helping me already getting my goals clarified, and my plans organized. Also picked a word for the year, “Elements”. Will encorporate the elements into my art and honor them in my craft. Heres hoping you have a wonderful 2010. And may all of your dreams come true.

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